My Thoughts: Why Praye Tietia Has Been All Quiet About Selly’s Seks & STD Scandal

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Selorm and Praye Tietia
Selly and Praye Tietia

In the face of all the shame and emerging evidence that Selorm ‘Selly’ Galley, Ghana’s Rep to the on-going Big Brother Africa reality TV show has let down her boyfriend—soiling herself and dignity with infidelity, her boyfriend has remained shockingly MUTE.

Few weeks ago when Selly cheated on her boyfriend-Praye Tietia on Live TV, it was expected of Praye to come out and display his bad temper by calling it a quit…

Even after several push by the Ghanaian media, Praye managed to keep things calm with his only comment on the issue being-NO COMMENT.

Unfortunately, there have been a revisit to the scandal in a form of Selly having ‘gifted’ the man she cheated with (Nando) an STD, and this time, Praye Tietia himself has questions to answer…

The primary question on the lips of many is; where did Selly get the STD from?

Getting the STD from Praye Tietia cannot be totally ruled out—-after all, that is the man she has been living in the same room with for 4 good years as unmarried partners.

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Would Praye Tietia at this stage break his silence and say something?

I doubt he will and the reason is not what it seems; he is NOT being a gentleman. He is just playing the ‘time card’, evaluating the harm caused and the potential gains in order to establish where the balance of convenience should be placed.

Selly has already cheated and has made a big fool out of Praye. She has proceeded to make a mockery out of their relationship and has managed to somehow throw Praye Tietia’s name in the air as a possible STD/STI carrier—-huge dirt on his personality.

Since the harm has already been caused, the only unascertainable ‘fact’ is; would Selly get the $300,000 cash?

This is what Praye Tietia is doing… As a man, he is as hurt as hell and our sources close to him have confirmed this.

However, what is lost is lost and he is not ready to lose another by making any pronouncement at this stage should Selly miraculously win the BIG cash.

Until Selly has been evicted and Praye Tietia is absolutely certain that the cash has been lost, he will continue to take the embarrassment like a fool and endure the pain.

No sane man will remain silent on this, especially when there is a video footage clearly showing your girlfriend enthusiastically banging another man.

The only time a man will make such a fool out of himself by swallowing the silent pill is when there is a little probability that some CASH can be made.

So Praye Tietia is not being a gentleman and has not developed an instantaneous cure for his bad temper, he is just being a cunning man—-waiting for the outcome before making any pronouncement.

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I see an end to Selly and Praye Tietia’s 4-year torture and treachery called relationship! The moment Selly is kicked out, the silence will be broken…

Whatever it is, we will certainly be here to hear it! 🙂

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. this whole Selly Saga is messy…lets jx vote for her n keep her in d house. well all make silly mistakes…

  2. Chris, dis ur obsession with the issue is unsettling. Dey had sex, so wat?…y wud u even be the one to judge.the idiot accused her of infecting him, u just jumped on the “let’s kill selly” band-wagon, u didn’t even wait to hear her own side before u started accusing. I don’t av to say dis bt journalists shouldn’t judge for themselves, dey rather report news n let others judge for themselves, I shldnt b d one to tell u dis mehn…u shld knw by nw

    1. @our ynash, do you know what you are talking about? did Chris tell you he is a journalist? from what I know, he says he is not and he does not aspire to be one. This is his opinion on the issue and he calls it his thoughts so from that, all you wrote about is garbage and misleading

  3. What’s the point of the article? Just to spite the praye guy and make the whole affair more painful?? Wat do u expect him to say now? He has to wait for his woman to be back and hear her own side of the story na. In as much as I feel for him, he made a mistake letting his woman into the BBA thing , and She wud hav been very careful with her activities in the house remembering any misbehaviour wud hav adverse effects on her celebrity boyfriend. Must be a very hard time for the guy,

  4. it is good you said your point of view …. even if i was praye tietia, i wont come out to say anything because those who watch the show know that nothing happened between them (seks)… And big brother has not even confirmed that nando has it and it was given to him by selly….so first of all you are lying …..

  5. I am quite disappointed at the writer of this piece.First of all,this news is alleged and has not been verified so why do you confidently write about it.And to me everyone has his or her opinion,but whatever it is should not be done maliciously. When I read some of your articles,I tend to wonder what your objective is.You come accross as someone with a lot of bitterness.

    1. @ama, and yet you continue to read his bitter articles. Is that not silly of you! Why even read it if you actually think so of him? I doubt you do and that is why you can’t stop reading them lol . This is why I love Chris, he knows how to say it as it is 

  6. Ever heard of the expression speech is silver; silence is golden? Obviously not Why do you want the man to respond by force Mr. Blogger? Please do you respond to every allegation that is thrown at you on your blog? Please leave the dude alone…why you want to organize a press conference and say what? Sometimes it is better to remain silent! I respect the man for not uttering a word!!! leave him be because it the same you Chris Vincent whatever that will use his own words to crucify him if he utters them!!! 

  7. at a point in time I was also confused about whether Chris was a journalist or not….you all should know by now dat he is a blogger…n he is entitled to write his opinions here….so u actually av to deal with it or stop reading his articles! but Chris too sometimes u av to go easy on d people u write about….they are humans n they hurt when something awful is said about them. Praye Tietia is just doing the honorable thing…even if he wants to break up with Selly, he doesn’t av to do it through d media….he has to keep calm and wait till she comes back home. his silence on dis matter is quite justifiable…he can’t defend or condemn d gal because of wild speculations, he has to listen to her first.

  8. I have read from this blog for quiet some years now, and I must admit that the writers on here are very biased and hypocritical. One thing I have learned from this blog is that, once u make a mistake as a well known person, they will crucify and torture you till you are dead, And even at that, they wont stop, they will continue just to make sure you are totally broken. You guys are all a bunch of miserable people. Ghanaians are the kind of people that will condemn their own brothers and sisters for doing something wrong, yet they are the same people that are doing worse deeds in the dark. I have followed this BBA candidate story for a while and I just have to comment bcos its becoming very childish on the bloggers part. LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE. She made a mistake, we all gave our view on it, but DANG let is GO already. If yall have nothing good to write or say abt her dont say or write anything at all and STOP DRAGGING HER NAME THROUGH THE MUD. IT IS NOT FOR US TO JUDGE HER SO LET GOD DEAL WITH HER AND STOP THE RIDICULOUS AND INCESSANT WRITE UPS ABOUT HER, HER MOTHER AND BOYFRIEND. MEDAASE

  9. I can’t believe that guy she slept with actually accused her of giving him an Std.What kind of guy can go to the extent of disgracing a girl after sleeping with her?bigbrother might ce to intervene cuz this is not fair at all. Is he doing this to win the game?then it definetly would not work. And I respect praye soo much for not speaking on this matter again.

  10. Praye is doing the reasonable thing. You dont sort your issues in the press. The moment he does so he will bring further embarrassment to himself. Its better to proceed quietly till all facts are established. Its not good to vilify Praye for the disease. Rumours from eye witnesses are that before entering BB while in a hotel in SA, Selly had at least two sexual escapades with at least two men one of which is LK4 from Uganda. She could have got it from there. Wait for Selly to speak.