OPENED GOSSIP: Ghanaian Movie Star Arrested In London For Shoplifting?

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Last week, a female Ghanaian movie star was nicked in London for shoplifting, a reliable source tells GhanaCelebrities.Com.

The movie star who recent had a baby in London following months of controversy in the media is said to have stolen a bracelet, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learned.

After her arrest, we are told she gave the address of another actress friend who she has been staying with as her address of residence, which led to the police visiting the said address. The first name of her actress friend starts with the alphabet-G.

When GhanaCelebrities.Com reached out to the actress’ friend whose address was given to the police, she vaguely told us that; she has not always been at home and therefore cannot confirm or deny any police visit to the address.

On the issue of her actress friend having been nicked for shoplifting, she stated that;

‘I do not go anywhere with her and I do not know why my name is being brought up in anything to do with her at this stage. I can’t say anything …What I can confirm is that, I have not stolen anything myself and will never steal anything. You guys should cross-check well to find out if I was anywhere with the person. I do not even know why my name is being drag into this. Check with the police and if they give you the police report to read, you will not see my name anywhere in it. This has nothing to do with me’.

Shoplifting is a criminal offence in the UK- Section 7 of the Theft Act 1968, and punishment depends on the value of the stolen item and other factors like the number of times an individual has committed such a crime—-punishment ranges from police caution/warning to imprisonment (maximum of 7 years prison sentence).

What at all is wrong with our Ghanaian Celebrities? Though shoplifting is pretty common in the UK, for a whole Ghanaian movie star to engage in this—it is beyond STUPID!

Opened Gossip:

I have left out certain names to protect our most reliable sources. However, I have made this clear to the extent that, you will only have to think a little to be able to fetch out those involved in this yourself.  This is why it is called Opened Gossip…I give you the clues; you do the thinking and share what you know/have heard or what you have been able to put together yourself. :-)

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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