‘Barely Dressed’ Men Should Also Be Seen In Music Videos

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Tinny Ananconda1

Artists always try to have banging girls in their videos which make other people, predominantly young men, think ‘Wow’!

Isn’t it about time ‘hot’ men are used in music videos for the gals to also think ‘Wow’? It is called equal opportunities. The world will be a much fairer place if men start taking up some ‘jobs’ meant for women, especially the roles men play in music videos. I will personally love to see ‘barely dressed’ guys in music videos.

It looks so normal to see half-dressed ladies dancing and wriggling their waist by fully clothed men. We live in a free world and I personally do not have a problem with these ladies doing their thing to spice up music videos or advertisements and getting paid for it – but isn’t it time for the men to also take over?

Doesn’t it seem odd that the male artiste is mostly fully dressed and the women/dancers are barely dressed? Even in advertisements, a woman’s sex appeal sells everything from cars to toothpaste. I think it is all about being equal – if a woman is barely dressed in a music video targeted at men, a man should also be half naked in a music video targeted at women.

But that doesn’t seem to happen. Seriously, it is not only women who have sex appeal (the motive behind using bikini-clad women in videos); the guys can too – so why not feature them in music videos? We surely live in a society where the onus is on the female to always be the ‘pure’ and morally upright one while the man can flex all his muscles including the one between…..

I just want a fully clothed female musician to come out with a music video with barely dressed men dancing around her. It will definitely spice things up and make the world quite an ‘equal’ place.

I’m not talking about guys walking/dancing around conveniently in the music video with unbuttoned shirt. Let’s see more skin too! Maybe I’m in the minority but it will out all this morality issue of women being sex objects in music videos. You may never know – it may catch up – since women will be the target audience – that is if women being pulled in by barely dressed dudes on TV- is reasonable.  “Advertisers” would start focusing and start selling with the men as their selling ‘objects’.

Chuck in a bunch of oily guys gyrating next to the female artist and you’ve got yourself a hit. That will be the 21st (22nd) century music industry.

If women can be used this way, men can be used too!

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      1. @B.B, yes oh! oil them and some of us will sleep good. I was just imagining it as i was reading the article. no pot belly though! LOL

  1. Hahaha i cnt stop laffin.. Hehehe..i willl!!..will hire sum sexy six pak guys, n have dem dance tango .. Bam!..hehe hilarious