BIG BROTHER AFRICA: Selly And Mother To Sue Nando For Defamation Over STD Allegations

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Selly and mother (2)

Selly, Ghana’s female housemate who was evicted last Sunday July14 from the Big Brother Africa The Chase is planning to sue Tanzanian housemate, Nando for what she termed as ‘defamation of character’ during her stay in the reality house.

She made the above known to the media when she was answering questions at her Eviction Press Conference in Accra today.

She said the court action is being spearheaded by her mum Madam Benedicta Galley and the producers of the show have been duly informed.

Selly said she is waiting for Nando to come out, “so I can ask him how he got the STI.  I have been tested and I don’t have any background of STI or STD so I don’t know how Nando contracted the disease that he claims he has.”

However Mr. Tsatsu Kubiador, Operations Co-ordinator of DStv Mobile Ghana counseled her to re-think about going to court since she has tested for the sickness and the result was negative.

He admonished her to discuss with her family and decide on what she wants to do but maintained that going to court should be discarded.

It is not however clear if she will heed to the advice or still proceed to the court.

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  1. Wait!So u actually went ahead to test if u had an std or not?so what’s ur point now?U were the same person who said u didn t sleep with him,so what’s the point of proving urself?move on and dnt waste ur time and energy on any court.

    1. @Adjoa Nbaaso), It is very necessary for her to go for STD test for a number of reasons. One of the reasons are, her mother’s unflinching love and support for her. While Selly was in BBA, her mother was going from one media house to another to repair her daughters image. Don’t you think she will demand some answers from Selly? as to whether she gave Nando an STD? Even some ghanaians would like to know whether the allegation is true or not. while some Ghanaians were on selly’s side some Ghanaians also believed Nando and started calling Selly all kinds of names, so she did the right thing by going for the test. 

      1. @King kweku Quincy, I get u but my point was,first of all home girl
        Said she didnt ve sex with that dude.So therefore whats the point of going in for a check up to prove his accusations wrong or right? unless Ofcourse stds r now contracted tru touching.

    2. @Adjoa Nbaaso), @Adjoa Nbaaso), you make sense I mean too me seems like this girl is not really telling the truth

      “I never had sex with Nando – we only made out. We kissed, we touched and played with each other but we never had sex”. but yet nando claimed you gave him STD or is she trying to tell us that Big Brother and nando set her up or what? So she could be evicted. And I really want to know why she decided to do another test and take whoever to court

  2. When the allegation first came out I knew it was a big fat lie. Nando’s intention was to disgrace Selly which he succeeded doing. However, I don’t think lawsuit is the way to go, leave everything to karma. Selly, I know you’ve been through a lot of emotional stress so i think it’s about time to start the healing process and leave that Nando guy alone.

  3. No, mr kweku, the hurt will be too much to bear while waiting for karma, let her get her pound of flesh as quickly as possible, the guy wud hav wrecked her marriage or something, lol, … Oh I remember they said she also indirectly wrecked someone’s marriage, but wateva. I support litigation

  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Selly, if it’s really possible to sue this silly boy call Nando then go ahead and do it without a second thought. He needs to be taught a lesson.

  5. I’m really gettin confused here…why would Nando go abt pple dat he slept with Selly? Didn’t he ask Selly who she slept with last norr d gal strted cryin? Is the STD part even through? Those of u who saw d video of them making out…r u sure u saw dem having seks? whatever it is, dis gal seems like a lovely n likeable person…lets leave her alone!

  6. she sayin she has been tested could mean she toolbox test before going into the BBA house. which is a requirement. i totally support her action to sue that guy. Though she went into the house as an individual, Ghana was represented and whether you like it or not, Ghanaian girls have been insulted enough. if she really did not have sex and going ahead to infect the guy, she should sue for defamation. she owes Ghanaians that much.

  7. As Justice Atuguba said, it’s not that easy to say ‘go to court’! To a lay person, suing someone is easy but the experts know it’s not that simple! Selly can’t sue Nando in a Ghanaian court because he’s neither a citizen nor resident of Ghana. She would have to sue him in his home country or maybe in South Africa where the alleged defamation occurred. Imagine how much money she’ll have to spend on all the ‘ups & downs’ of suing someone in another country, having to fly witnesses to that country etc. And if so many people are convinced that she slept with Nando, how does she hope to convince a judge that they just ‘made-out’ when that video clip is ambiguous? So she should advise herself & let bygones be bygones.

  8. Benedicta Galley is saying her daughter is a well brought up girl,hahahahaha thats a big laugh. A girl who dates a married man when she was 18 is a well brought up girl?She might not have slept with Nando,but she is a spoilt brat.

  9. oh selly sue that stupid nando he has no repect for women. what more sulu loved and repected you as a woman and never made up storries then who is that sick nando