PHOTOS: Evicted Selly And Mother At Her Eviction Press Conference!

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Selly and mother (3)

Madam Benedicta Galley, mother of evicted female Ghanaian housemates to the Big Brother Africa: The Chase did a lot of damage controls when her daughter was in the BBA house, especially when the issue of her daughter having had intercourse with Nando came up.

She came back to speak again when her daughter was accused of infecting Nando with Chlamydia, a Sexual Transmitted Disease. Most of you come out to say a lot because you disagreed or agreed with her. One thing I know for sure is that, Madam Galley didn’t care.

Okay! She was one of the people who graced her daughter’s eviction press conference today. From her countenance, she doesn’t care about all the rumor and accusations…

After the press conference, she posed for our camera.

Selly and mother (1)

Selly and mother (2)

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  1. I think Selly is deluded really! she really thinks she is going to get so much fame from her BBA exposure but it is a lot of negative attention….If i were her i would maintain silence and move on quietly with my life…Watched her on the BBA hangout going on about getting a movie role in Nigeria and being the new face of Ghandour cosmetics etc…I wish her the best ,but i would keep a low profile if i were her till everything dies out cos everything that has a beginning has end,it will pass! A law suit is not really the way forward in my opinion!

  2. Life must go on.At the end of the day,the hands of time cannot be turned so She doesn’t ve to judge her daughter the way others did.welcome home selly & keep ur head up cuz it’s def not going to be easy.

  3. I advise Tiatia to give her a baby and move one. Thats the only way he can be repaid for the motal and financial support he offered her.

    1. @mart,what financial support pls for ur information its selly that always sponsor praye tietia ok cos the guy is so poor he has nothing l beg guys just leave sellt alone ok

  4. Any girl who can give it raw to a stranger is a potential std distributor. show proof of your test. Even if you did was it after u secretly treated it? If so it will come back cos distributors always go back for supplies if they run out of stock. The pussy is on lease with an option to buy re praye tiatia