VIDEO: Nigeria’s Government Wants To Make It Legal For Girls As Young As 13 Years To Be Married…Angry Nigerian Star-Stella Damasus Takes Them Up

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Stella Damasus

Nigeria’s government is trying to amend Section 21 of the Child’s Rights Act of Nigeria which nullifies the marriage of persons under the age of 18.

The Nigeria Senate is looking (discussion) to make it legal for girls as young as 13 years to be married.

Having caused anger in Nigeria,  Nollywood star and singer-Stella Damasus took upon herself to speak against the issue—-in a furious and unseen way of her.

Where are the loud mouth Nigerian celebrities when you need them? This is appalling and for a whole Senate to even consider it makes it SICK…

Watch Stella Damasus’ take on the issue below…


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  1. Damn! She spits fire indeed! I am so riled up. This is not even about where you come from or your nationality, this is purely a moral issue. The part that tugged at my heart was when she said “imagine all those underdeveloped organs”! …I mean seriously, just imagine it! This is just plain diabolical! How can a full grown man, in the age group of granddads be suggesting such a thing? Religion does not condone this and if it does then i feel very sorry for what our world has become and I am afraid of where it is headed! I love Stella so much and I have just developed a different level of respect for her! God bless her and have mercy on us and our Nation!

    I really hope and pray that celebrities, politicians and human rights campaigners not just in Africa, but other parts of the world will lend their voices and help to fight this bill, because it is these kind of issues that they should be focusing their attention, energy, money and faces!!

    1. @Riennie, LWKMD. Ghanaians never cease to amaze me with your inferiority complex and obnoxious virulent hatred for anything Nigerian. I don’t even know what Nigeria has done to Ghana. Look at the passion with which you all are vibrating over an issue which is even misrepresented.  This article was posted today, 24th July by 7. 57 am and has already attracted over 7 comments as at the time of writing. Meanwhile the article on how your president which was posted EARLIER the same day by 6.21 am on how your President (of Ghana) has blown away 2.2bn Ghanaian Cedis on furniture has not attracted a single comment as at the time of writing. (I mean zero comment for an article that should be the concern of Ghanaians); so that is not a “moral” issue but this one is? GC is feeding fat on the average Ghanaian’s inferiority complex about Nigeria which has turned to burning hatred; whenever it is a slow news day, he finds something on Nigeria to post and pronto, the traffic starts raining down. As if we care or even notice you fools. Even the article on a Ghanaian urinating in the bush in Lagos is making Ghanaians hallucinate and comment with frenzy. I normally come to Ghanaian sites to tickle myself at your very low self-esteem. The way Ghanaians talk, you would think you don’t have Muslims in your country or that their own interpretation of Sharia as it affects marriage is different from the interpretation of Nigerian Muslims. In fact once Nigeria is in the equation, all we get is your laughable self-deceit that Ghana is a peaceful paradise. SMDH.
      Back to the topic, people are just being ignorant. I am a Christian and do not support Child marriage but I do not see how a subsection of a law that has existed since 1999 which simply says that “any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age” for the purpose of renunciation of citizenship, could be interpreted to mean endorsement of Child marriage and attract such hullabaloo. The Nigerian actress who was making noise and others like her should go get an education.

      1. @naija-bros, I don’t understand why people cannot comment on articles without resulting to infantile behaviors like insulting each-other. What is the essence of calling Ghanaians fools with low self-esteem? You obviously came on here to pick a fight as you have implied yourself, so I will allow you.

        If the issue has been misrepresented or whatever then just state that and be gone. There’s no need for the name calling. If you, as the “educated” one read my post well, you will notice that I did not mention any nationality or country. I am simply supporting a good cause. 

        Whether the issue started now or 10 years ago, whether it is major or minor, the bottom line is that there is uproar about it, and if there is no new bill and it is an amendment, at least something good will come out of this.
        And as per your comment about Ghanaians hating all things Nigerian, I would beg to differ greatly on that. Unless you have proven fact that all Ghanaians hate Nigeria and everything about it, I would ask you not to generalize. I know for a fact that Ghana is more peaceful than Nigeria, but I am not deluded or disillusioned to think that Ghana is a paradise, all countries have their issues and their fair share of conflict.

        P.S. Please don’t make me laugh by claiming to be a christian, because the insults you have just rained down on your fellow brothers and sisters isn’t a good look. As you clearly feel you know more about the constitution and Jurisdiction of Nigeria than I do, there is no need for me to answer your question below. If you feel the issue has been misrepresented, then that’s fine. 

        1. @Riennie, Sure, claiming the moral High ground here? Suddenly you now realize that insults are a no no? Are you new to GC or simply playing the Ostrich? For sure when your people learn to talk about my country in a responsible and respectful way, we will have conversations like enlightened people; but as your people do not have a monopoly of insults (though it is in your DNA), some of us will also bring it on. There will be no point responding to your post; I will simply give you the benefit of doubt by assuming this is your first time on GC on any issue concerning Nigeria and that your are thus ignorant of the back ground.

          P.S. And yes, the issue has been misrepresented and I have demonstrated it already in response to your posts below. I was expecting you to contradict what I said is the real situation not to pretend you did not see those posts below. I am still waiting for you to inform readers hereon which Bill you are saying is about to materialize and for which you want them to sign a petition to protest.

          1. @naija-bros, clearly you don’t get it…look who is calling someone ignorant…initially when her video came out, I was wondering why Chris didn’t post it on GC…but u saying that Nigerians don’t talk or even write about us is even laughable…clearly, u speak of things you have no clue about…go to and see if there is no stories about Ghanaians on there…you will see Emelia brobbey’s story on there where your people are commenting negatively on ghana as a whole…get a life because nobody has reign any insults on you and nigeria

      2. @naija-bros, U dnt need to be always doing that.U started something you were not suppose to.Its either u agree or disagree with the article.No need to disrespect another country.Stella is a Nigerian & figured something was not going right.She decides to address it and a Ghanaian website writes about it.What sense does it make to twist it in to insults?Some things are not important.

        1. @Adjoa Nbaaso), I have been a regular visitor on GC for many months and on an on-going basis, many Ghanaians led by the idiotic Oheneba Miyagi and one other 27 Calibre (who of late has been MIA) or whatever he is called regularly insult Nigerians and Nigeria at the drop of a hat even on posts that do not remotely concern us. We don’t have to look too far for examples of this; they abound everywhere on this site even on posts this week. I can not recall ONE single instance when you or any Ghanaian has reprimanded your country men/women for that. But now someone returns the compliment, all of you crawl out to preach civility. Is that really how hypocritical you lot can be? It is alright to insult another nation and their people, calling them all sorts of names but no, your own peaceful progressive paradise of a country should not be insulted. Are you deceiving yourself that if this article had been about what the Senate of Liberia or Uganda did, that it would have made it to GC or even attracted a single comment? AS A MATTER OF FACT if this article had been that the Legislature of Ghana did the exact same thing alleged, you probably won’t get a single comment on GC, a Ghanaian website, but once Nigeria is mentioned, you all come here to talk trash and pretend you love our Girl child more than we do. It is this fixation and hatred for Nigeria that means that even when it is pointed our that this whole controversy arises from a misrepresentation, you people will not want to hear and keep quoting those Nigerians who it is already pointed out misconstrued what actually happened at the Senate.
          I am sorry, I cannot take you seriously when you say “No need to disrespect another country” because that is all you and your country men do on this and other sites everyday

      3. @naija-bros,I’m Nigerian but your comment is very stupid. It’s people like you and those senators  that give Nigeria a bad name. Everything that Rienne said is right and any normal human being with morals and a good heart would be compelled to comment on this because it is truly a sickening issue. There is nothing to be jealous about here and in fact it should make any Nigerian ashamed to know that such thing can come out of our country. Please stop with the pride and stupidity because there is nothing to be jealous about here.

        1. @Mary, if indeed you are a Nigerian as you claim, no “such thing came out of our Country” There is no Bill being passed so people should calm down. See what the Senate spokes person had to say:
          Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe is the Chairman Senate Committee on Media. In this interview, he spoke on issues surrounding the widely condemned Child Marriage. Excerpts:
          So can you tell us what really transpired at the senate, leading to the “Child Marriage” issue?
          The committee that was set up by the Senate to amend the constitution looked at 4b of Section 29 and felt that because it makes specific mention of a married woman, which actually has nothing to do with 4a and renunciation of your citizenship, was not meant to be there. This is because that subsection is in conflict with Section 42 of the Constitution, which talks about discrimination.
          And so we could not have two sections that are against each other, because by bringing in 4b that has a specific mention of a woman, we felt that it was against Section 42. So the committee now brought it to us and said rather than continue to have a problem, let that particular Section 4b be deleted since 4a is there and it is gender neutral. And that was what played out on the floor of the Senate because at that point we voted on it.
          When we voted, the Section 4b actually passed to be deleted. But what now happened was that subsequently one of our distinguished senators, Senator Yerima, raised a point-of-order. Now in parliamentary practice, you can raise a point-of-order either on the basis of the constitution or on the basis of our rules.
          Now, he raised a constitutional point-of-order that under the second schedule of the constitution, Section 61 defines the area that you legislate on as the exclusive list. And Section 61 talks about Statutory Marriage. And in Section 61, it says that we cannot go into Customary law or Islamic law as the case may be.
          Now once you raise a point-of-order, it is bound to be taken by the presiding officer, the Senate President. And so he (Senate President) now looked at it and decided that in the interest of everyone of us that were in the chamber because everybody in that represents a constituency. And once a point-of-order is raised, somebody from a constituency wants to point out that there is something that he is seeing there is against whatever he feels his own feelings, as epitomized by his constituency, is.

          Senator Eyin Abaribe
          So the Senate President had no option than to take it. It could not muster the required two third number that would be used to be able to delete it from the constitution. And that is exactly what happened. What really we see is that several commentators, several editorials and all manners of things have been put out to the public with respect to Section 29 and what we voted on was not child marriage.
          When the point-of-order was raised, was it raised before the vote was taken or after the vote had been taken, and could the point-of-order be raised after the vote had been taken?
          The point-of-order was taken after the vote. Usually every presiding officer, in other to make sure that every interest is catered for within the Nigeria states, bends over backwards to accommodate things that are sad by members who represents a constituency.
          When Senator Yerima raised that point-of-order, the presiding officer was bound to take it. And on taking it, those who voted against the position for us to leave it there where in the minority; it came to 60 to 35. But the point really is that constitution stipulates that for every position to pass, there must be two third majority. And because that two third could not be gotten, that is how that particular section is still in our books as it is today.
          Item 61, part 1 of the second schedule of the constitution talks about Customary law and Islamic law with respect to age of marriage, but bringing it in with respect to this one, people think that was able to happen because of the ambiguity of Section 29 (4a and 4b) and that if this is not deleted such things will always pass?
          Renunciation of citizenship
          That is not correct because this particular section is specific to renunciation of your citizenship and does not have anything to do with any other part of the constitution, with respect to either Islamic law or customary law. And let me also say this, this same national assembly in 2003 had passed the Child Rights Act. And in Section 21 of the Child Rights Act, the age of marriage is specified there- 18 years. That means that we already have a subsidiary legislation on age of marriage.
          Simply thinking that somebody is trying to go back to that section and try to use it does not come in at all because that section is specific; it deals with the matter of renunciation of your citizenship or keeping your citizenship. Now what we know today is that the age of marriage as passed by this national assembly, under the Child Rights Act is 18 years. But the Child Rights Act will need to be domesticated in each state. As at today, most states have passed the Child Rights Act or have adopted it. I think only 12 states are remaining. What we have been doing is interfacing with Houses of Assembly of those particular 12 states and telling them to go ahead to adopt the Child Rights Act.
          Maturity age
          So, with respect to child marriage, the National Assembly has already done something about it. The question of this section, has nothing to do with child marriage. But why did the Senate wait this long to explain this to Nigerians because truly the 2003 Child Rights Act has states talking of so many issue relating to marriage age or maturity age, which most of them said is 21 years.
          But in all of these, did anyone stampede the senate or deceive the senate into retaking that particular vote after it was done the very first time?
          Nobody bullied the senate, nobody pushed the senate, nobody did anything to twist the hand of the senate. This is mainly a pragmatic approach that we normally take in legislation. Legislation is done for all times. And some of the times, somebody can get up and say we may have to revisit this section because we now have further information on that. All that simply happened was that there was a point-of-order raised and usually anytime a point-of-order is raised on anything, we vote on it.

    2. @Riennie, Senate did not vote on marriage age (RIGHT OF REPLY)
      on July 29, 2013 at 6:08 am in Viewpoint
      Senator ENYI ABARIBE is Chairman, Senate Committe on Information, Media and Public Affairs.
      THE Senate last week voted on the report of its Constitution Review Committee and at the end of it all, it once again achieved a milestone in altering the 1999 Constitution to bring the document in line with the general aspirations of the Nigerian people.
      However, while the Senate appreciates and welcomes the healthy debate that ensued within the public on some aspects of the sections that were voted on, which it sees as a veritable feedback that signals the public acceptance and overwhelming followership of the happenings in the hallowed chambers, it is nonetheless bothered by negative commentaries which suggest a deliberate misinformation and distortion of what actually transpired on the floor when the distinguished senators voted on the each section of the report by its constitution amendment committee.
      For the avoidance of doubt, at no time did the senators vote, neither did they ever deliberate on any clause that has to do with marriage age. They also did not vote to introduce any new law on underage marriage. The senators only voted to amend some clauses in the articles that were already in the Constitution.
      It is pertinent for the public to know that the section up for amendment had to do with persons qualified to renounce Nigerian citizenship.
      The 1999 Constitution as amended in Section 29 (which has suddenly become a hot issue for both informed and uninformed interpretation in the press and social media), states in section 1 S29(1): “Any citizen of Nigeria of full age who wishes to renounce his Nigerian citizenship shall make a declaration in the prescribed manner for the renunciation”.
      S29(4): “For the purposes of subsection (1) of this section, (a) ‘full age’ means the age of eighteen years and above;
      (b) ‘any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age’.
      The prevailing view of the committee before the initial vote was that Section 29(4)(a) was gender neutral but with section 29(4)(b) specifically mentioning “woman” , it now looked discriminatory and as such is in conflict with section 42 of the Constitution which prohibits discrimination of any form. The committee thus sought for it to be expunged from the Constitution.
      Senators, therefore, voted earlier to expunge that sub-section and it scaled through by 75 votes. Note that under the Constitution, to amend any clause you will need 2/3 of the members of the Senate which translates to 73 votes.
      However, the revisiting of the voting on that section was to take care of objections raised by Distinguished Senator Ahmad Sani Yerima, among others. He pointed out that removing the clause 29(4)(b) contradicts section 61 of the second schedule of the Constitution which restricts the National Assembly from considering matters relating to Islamic and Customary law.
      Revisiting the section was pure and simple a pragmatic approach. It had to be so, considering that the Senate as the representative of the people represents all interests and all shades of opinion.
      Therefore, a fresh vote was called and even though those who wanted that section expunged were more in number, they failed to muster the needed votes to get it through. What it meant was that majority of senators voted to remove it but they were short of the 2/3 majority or (73) required to alter an article of the Constitution.
      Had voting in constitutional amendment not been based on the mandatory two-third or (73) votes of senators at the seating, perhaps the issue would have been rested by now, but be that as it may the outcome of the voting remains the position of the Senate. S29(4)(b) still remains part of the Constitution.
      What is important is for the issue to be put in its proper perspective.
      This clarification has become necessary because of the willful and deliberate act to distort and misinform the general public on what was neither discussed nor contemplated by the distinguished senators.
      At no time was marriage as a section of the Constitution discussed or voted for. The National Assembly in 2003 had passed “The Child Rights Act” which specifically took care of the fears being expressed in a cross section of the media. The Act clearly states in section 21: “No person under the age of 18 years is capable of contracting a valid marriage, and accordingly, any marriage so contracted is null and void and of no effect whatsoever”.
      22. 1. “No parent, guardian or any other person shall betroth a child to any person”
      2. A betrothal in contravection of subsection (1) of this section is null and void.
      Therefore, under the Childs Right Act the lawful age of marriage is 18years.
      The Constitution does not provide for many rules of human engagement such as marriage and only makes provision for specialised laws to take care of such matters. That is why the National Assembly now made a specialised legislation to address the matter of lawful age for marriage as seen above.
      In fact, section 23 of the Childs Right Act provides stiff penalties:
      A person (a) who marries a child; or
      (b) to whom a child is betrothed ; or
      (c) who promotes the marriage of a child; or
      (d) who betroths a child commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of N500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) or imprisonment for a term of five years or to both such fine and imprisonment.
      It was the Senate of this Federal Republic that made this law which is still operative in some states. The snag in any case is that the Child Right Act does not automatically apply across the country. It has to be domesticated on state by state basis by the respective Houses of Assembly. Up to date 12 states are yet to domesticate or adopt the law. It is with respect to those states that the advocacy on age of marriage should be directed since it was the National Assembly that passed the law in the first place.
      The essence of this further clarification is to remind all that the Senate in its wisdom passed that law, which has become operative in most states with the exception of the remaining 12.
      The Senate has done its best with utmost concern for national interest and its leadership has ably navigated its affairs with high level of integrity, sense of responsibility and fairness to all Nigerians.
      It would have made a whole lot of sense had the various commentators displayed the capacity to reason and do due diligence to the issue before rushing to conclude that the Senate did what was not even before it.
      Senator ENYI ABARIBE is Chairman, Senate Committe on Information, Media and Public Affairs.

  2. That particular Senator must be carefully monitored. He could be a child molester. How on earth can a sane person even consider voting for a bill like that? That is injustice, Barbaric, demeaning, degrading. Such marriage will deprive the kids of their education and future. I am ashamed to find out that, the Nigerian Constitution actually acknowledges underage marriage…… Section 29 (4) (b) of the 1999
    Constitution, which states that a married under age girl is deemed to be an adult.
     While some Ghanaian politicians are calling on the government to increase the marriage age to 23, some politicians in Nigeria are fighting to reduce theirs to 13. Hmmmmm!!

    1. @King kweku Quincy, the senator is actually a pedophile. he married the 14 year old daughter of his Egyptian driver after divorcing another wife whom he married when she was 17. the problem with this child marriage is that the kids aren’t matured enough to get pregnant & so they end up dying in childbirth or their rectum rips up when they are giving birth so that they leak excreta. the same husbands then abandon them and they end up as prostitutes etc just to survive. it’s very sad

    1. @Riennie, And pray, what Bill is this exactly that is about to materialize? Can You tell me the name of this Bill, who sponsored it, in which Chamber of the National Assembly it is being considered and what stage it is (first, second or third reading or Committee stage)? It is pathetic how people can just manufacture a fictional Bill that does not exist and go to town on it. There is no Bill anywhere. The Nigerian Senate is in the process of amending the Constitution and a proposal was made to delete Section 29 (4) (b) of the 1999 Constitution which provides that for the purpose of Renunciation of Nigerian Citizenship, “any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age”. The only minor issue was that some people (of which I am one, by the way) were of the view that since Muslims regularly married people below 18 years (which by Nigerian law is the age for adulthood), it would mean that a woman if married but below 18 years would be able to renounce her citizenship whearas in fact she may not have the mental capacity to do so. The Senate voted to leave the law as it is. There is no Bill anywhere being considered in relation to marriage or Child rights, etc. Pls find something factual to generate a petition for

  3. i am totally amazed at this news….most girls even start developing breast at age 13, so what will they be doing with the men? how old should a man also be to be able to marry a 13 year old girl? this is ridiculous and will this senate agree for his daughter or his grand daughter be married at age 13? what then happens to their education? does he have a good reason for wanting to pass this bill?

    1. @Eaglebabe, Apparently he says he actually would. This is a publication from about his response/defense of the bill…

      “Senator Ahmed Yerima Replies his Enemies: 

      ”Nigeria has many uncountable problems and none of them is early marriage. As a matter of fact early marriage the solution to about half of our problems. For those who wonder if I can give my daughter(s) out in marriage at the age of 9 or 13, I tell you most honestly, I can give her out at the age of 6 if I want to and its not your business. This is because I am a Muslim and I follow the example of the best of mankind, Muhammad ﺻَﻠَّﻰ ﺍﻟﻠَّﻪُ ﻋَﻠَﻴْﻪِ ﻭَﺳَﻠَّﻢَ .

      In Islam, marriage is not only about sex, it is about family and helping one another in achieving their goals, which is the attainment of Paradise.

      In Islam, a girl can be given out in marriage as early as 6 years old, but consummation of the marriage can only be done when the girl becomes physically mature and she gives her consent to it because unlike English law, it is not permissible for a man to rape his wife in Shari’ah Law.

      So what can anybody tell me?

      ~ I live in a city where young girls at the age of 12 have already became serial fornicators and cannot count the number of man they’ve had sex with.

      ~ I live in a City where primary school children disvirgin themselves behind toilets on Valentine day.

      ~ I live in a city where young girls flood the street at night looking for men that would give them N500 to have sex with them.

      ~ I live in a city where parents send their daughters out overseas to prostitute and send dollars down.
      ~ I live in a City where Government officials pick undergraduates from University car parks with Coastal Buses to wild sex parties.

      ~ I live in a city where abortion is so common that even a Chemist shore owner can perform abortion with just N2,500.

      These are your daughters, and this should worry you and not Yerima’s private matters. So ask me again why I support early marriage and I will slap the Jinn out of your head”.

      – Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima

      Am I reading wrong or is this clear enough for us to see?

      1. @Riennie, seems like he is not smart at all, all this points he mentioned did it accured to him that because of poverty and things like that are happening

      2. @Riennie, so this govenor thinks he is really helping matters or solving the situation by marring a girl as 13 years old? he is pointing at all this mistakes going on and as a govenor whom these same people, families and children vote for u to help stop this kind of life going on and he best he can do is to marry a 13 year old girl. good for him.

  4. well spoken Stella Damasus i really support you 100 percent, fight for al the kids in Nigeria. I hope more celebs will stand up and joing you to fight these evilness in Nigerian, stupid mumus I am sure they will soon even endorse Homosexuals and Lesbianisms in Nigeria bunch of goats, and where are those yellow sisi who are always making nois here come and see how honest Stella Damasus is, I seriously think that Nigeria is the Beast of mother Africa, upon all the rapes that’s happening their,corruptions and many more u still wanted to legal this God will surely punish all of you one by one now I’m sure all those Naija B*stard who used to hype their country are now in hiding

    1. @Oheneba Miyagi, Illiterate, have you taken your drugs today? Do so ASAP and crawl back where you usually sneak from before you totally loose it. The chemicals from the preservatives you use in the mortuary where you work as an illegal immigrant in Europe is seriously affecting your brain.

      1. @naija-bros, hahahahaha see this Maga, useless baboon instead of joining Stella and voicing out your here looking for a fight aboki your mama no born you well madman e be like say you dey craze. thank god I’m not a Nigerian

        1. @Oheneba Miyagi, You don’t need to thank God because even with all our problems, we are the ones to thank God that he was merciful enough to spare us the CURSE of having a brainless nincompoop and nitwit like you as a Nigerian; that would surely be a calamity. You are simply a COWARD with very low self-esteem who hides behind computers to talk trash. Once you are behind that computer or phone, you fantasize yourself as being worthy of belonging to decent human society whereas in fact you are a dog that should be locked up in a cave where you can better fellowship with your likes. I was furious with someone who called you a thug/Agbero some few days back because that is a grave insult to thugs/Agberos to mention your name with theirs in the same breath. Fucking retard. Na your mama you dey abuse not Nigeria

        2. @Oheneba Miyagi, You don’t need to thank God because even with all our problems, we are the ones to thank God that he was merciful enough to spare us the CURSE of having a brainless nincompoop and nitwit like you as a Nigerian; that would surely be a calamity. You are simply a COWARD with very low self-esteem who hides behind computers to talk trash. Once you are behind that computer or phone, you fantasize yourself as being worthy of belonging to decent human society whereas in fact you are a dog that should be locked up in a cave where you can better fellowship with your likes. I was furious with someone who called you a thug/Agbero some few days back because that is a grave insult to thugs/Agberos to mention your name with theirs in the same breath. Fucking retard. Na your mama you dey abuse not Nigeria

          1. @naija-bros, me a coward how am I a coward if my pictures is right on my dP you see,you no get sense. At all you just come and talk out of your brainless skull stupid public toilet I sure say craze dey worry you. While your stars are out there voicing their voice out your here trying to argue with me yellow sisi gerrout out from here

          2. @Oheneba Miyagi, For sure, from the dazed idiotic look on the picture “right on (your) DP”, it is now confirmed without a doubt that you are an illiterate f.u.c.k.i.n.g. retarded nitwit who craves attention like a fix. Ode  

          3. @naija-bros, dude I dare you to see who is illiterate over here your clearly showing your stupidity you should feel a shame of yourself while their is serious issue here your here fighting for what dude do me a huge favour and R.I.P ( rest in piss)

          4. @Oheneba Miyagi, hey don’t waste ur breathe replying.At the end of the day insults won’t solve the problem but a sensible and matured brain.Be the bigger person.

          5. There is a serious issue going on here and these twos are fighting about Ghana VS Nigeria..are u guys for real? If you dont have anything nice to say then dont say. I don’t know why blacks hate blacks..especially Africans. The Nigeria n Ghana war on gh got to stop.

  5. The only senators that supported that move are Muslims…you left that out in your report. And its not all senators that supported it

  6. Oheneba Miyagi and naija-bros, please don’t turn this article into another Ghana/Nigeria cyber war. What is happening in the Nigerian senate floor is despicable and every one of us must speak out against it but that doesn’t mean we should come here and attack each other as if the plight of those little kids do not matter. If you can donate money to UNICEF, WORLD VISION, FEED THE CHILDREN etc, to feed hungry children that you do not even know, I bet you can feel some kind of sympathy enough to help kill this Bill before it materialize. Just click on the link Riennie posted above and sign the petition. Naija-bros, you can be in denial all you want but this news is not made up, a search on Google will feed you with all the information you need to know about this diabolic bill and please stop attacking Riennie, she is your own Nigerian sister. 

    1. @King kweku Quincy, nope bruv, I just spoke my mind that’s all they always claim that Nigeria is a rich country a holy country etc while they got serious issue there. I mean if Stella did not raise her voice than who would know what’s going on their, stars like Stella, Ini, Tonto and rest voice their mind out and this is what they had to say

      Omotola Jalade:
      I am Today one of the Most influential person/people in the world because I wasn’t given off to marriage before the age of 18yrs. It scares and totally shocks me that the Senate in Nigeria (the most populous black nation in the world and Giant of Africa) would not be passing in a law ensuring that every child should compulsorily be enrolled in school.
      A very alarming number of children today are on the streets Hawking or have been abused, Raped or are married to men/women who should be protecting them. Who protects the children of Nigeria? Would we wait for another Milala before we act? Should we now remove the parental caution on movies that say “Not for persons below 18″. This is a call for justice and Equity for children especially the Nigerian Girl child, who has the right to quality education, a childhood and the decision of whom and when to marry.
      My Name is Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and I say No to paedophilia and No to the senate Bill endorsing Child marriage in Nigeria.

      Ini Edo:
      “Girls, women, mothers, we mother the world so say no to female child abuse”


      “It is so shameful that our so called stupid OgaAtTheTop are trying to bring back underage marriage to our great country Nigeria. How can you sit your stupid ass in the God forsaken chair calling yourselves senators and you talking like bounce on idiots? You know me I don’t hide my feelings, you all are fools aka olodo, mumu, if you don’t know youth are the light of the world, make their light shine and stop talking about teen marriages, and start talking about better things like good roads, good schools, electricity, etc.

      Pals, let’s join hands together and support Mrs Stella Damasus on this campaign and say no to child slavery! My name is Tonto Charity Dikeh. I am a true Nigerian, and I’m not scared to say my mind.” Instead of him voicing out for his future children he is here trying to play intelligent

    2. @King kweku Quincy, thank you.At least ur comment can make a big difference.Its sickening to actually have people deny a problem when its right in their faces.At the end of the day,a solution is what is being looked for and am sure we still ve some people who ve a brain of their own to think like Stella.

    3. @King kweku Quincy, lol…The funny thing is I’m actually a Ghanaian. I don’t understand why Naijabros’ blood dey hot like dat! Frankly I would rather take the “moral high-ground” than start being personal and insulting someone I don’t know. This is an open forum…if you don’t agree with something make your point and leave it, do not insult. I can’t even be asked to mind him. This is not what the point of my post was.

  7. @Quincy, you may not believe it but Naija bros is in fact right in that there is no such Bill and this is not living in denial. This is not a matter of google it cos as you know computers are garbage in, garbage out. The power of the social network is so huge that if one starts a false campaign and uploads it to the internet, it can generate a life of its own and go viral. I admit that most Nigerians who rushed to condemn the Senate when the rumor first came out have eggs on their faces now, I won’t blame any foreigner, including Ghanaians if they too ran with the story. The truth is that there is no such Bill as being touted and never mind Nigerian celebs who are hyperactive and just want something to bite into. The hoopla arises from amendment of the Constitution. As it affects renunciation of Citizenship. The Constitution says that for purposes of that subsection- (a) “full age” means the age of eighteen years and above; (b) any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age”. It is (b) that got people excited in that opponents did not want any girl, even if married, to be considered of full age if she is not 18yrs and over. The Senate voted to leave the legislation as it is. How this innocuous issue suddenly turned into a Bill to encourage under-age marriage amazes everyone. One or two persons wrote an article with righteous indignation, posted it on the internet and pronto, a storm in a tea cup started. I laughed when I saw the title by GC.

  8. @naija-bros, Omo e don do. Stop exchanging insults with that sub-human called Oheneba Miyagi or whatever cos you are just bringing yourself down to his level and that thrills him no end. If all of Ghana want to believe that false story just because some lazy Nigerian journalists and attention seeking celebs are propagating it without proper verification, how does that affect the prize of Garri today? Make your points, don’t descend so low as to argue with Miyagi. We know him and even Ghanaians don’t take him seriously except for a laugh

  9. A couple of hours ago Chris Febiri just posted this news “DO YOU KNOW THAT: SHS Students In Ghana Can’t Afford Fees & Therefore Schools May Have To Close Down?”.
    Ladies and gentlemen,as I type this text THERE HAS BEEN NO SINGLE GHANAIAN COMMENT ON THAT POST.
    If it was about Nigeria,idiots like Miyagi,24 calibre or Betty whom I suspect are mere non-existing avatars for Chris Febiri would have commented by insulting Naija. All in a bid to get more Nigerians to counter-comment,boost traffic on this site and deceive some mumu companies that this blog site actually rocks.

    1. @Nword, don’t mind the hypocrites jare. You are even going too far. Take a look at the post on their President blowing 2.2 billion cedis on furniture posted at about 6am this morning. You would think Ghanaians would be outraged and you would have 500 comments by now but no. I just checked it again now about 19.21 Nigerian time and what do you have? Just two comments and what do they say: in the first comment a Ghanaian is amazed that no one has commented on the article as at after 1pm when she commented and the second person agreed that this was surprising. But if the article had been about how the Nigerian President squandered money on furniture, my brother, you for see frenzy. Dem for don call Nigerians all kin names by now, 419ers, Boko Haramists, Rapists, fraudsters, etc. I will never cease to say it: these people are well proven to suffer from inferiority complex and as far as I am concerned, they are welcome to stew in it

  10. 43 freaking comments,mehn gh!!!!.I dey hail,it doesn’t mata if u agree or nt u guys hav a problem,take care of

  11. 43 freaking comments,mehn gh!!!!.I dey hail,it doesn’t mata if u agree or nt u guys hav a problem esp miyagi urs mental is ,take care of

  12. Ahahahahahaha RATATA 



    noo body get time for that 

    Ahahahaha omo naija wayting happened NOW ???

  13. Chris, how are you…it’s been a while…honestly Chris even though ghana and naija are like rivals, I don’t think both nations hate each other to wish evil like this issue on another…but the situation has gone far and beyond…please do some us GHANAIANS a favor and pls do not post articles about nigeria on our Ghanaians site…we don’t need this…U’ve been doing a great job so far for not posting articles about them until this…it’s all good though…lets learn about other nations who have nothing but love for ghana…there are so many stories out there…pls pls pls, do our great nation this favor…thanks