HOT SHOT: Star Actress Jackie Appiah Looking Super FAB!

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Jackie Appiah2
Jackie Appiah

As we mentioned yesterday, Jackie Appiah is the most powerful brand in the Ghanaian Movie industry—-and probably one of the strongest in Africa…

Twisiting the words of Chinua Achebe, Jackie Appiah’s fame and the strength of her brand rest on solid personal achievements, following years of hard work.  She has risen to become the most successful Ghanaian actress…

Star Actress-Jackie Appiah was invited to judge a creative and film-making task in the on-going Big Brother Africa reality TV house, and help pull in ratings for the show.

After her appearance in the house, she also graced the Big Brother Africa live stage and spoke to IK about Africa movies.

These shots were captured after her live stage appearance…

Check out the photos & video below

Jackie Appiah1 Jackie Appiah2

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  1. waaa how stupid is this?u can say nice things about someone while u diss another like there’s no tomorrow..3bufus3m…mtcheeeeeew

    1. @cici, I thought you said you were not going to come here or comment on here again? Why are you back? You live on here and the first website you logon each day you wake up from your dirty bed is here. Yet you always talking trash.

      Only a BIG FOOL continues to visit a dirty place. If the people who run this site are that stupid, why do you come here to read them every day and even comment? Are you not just depressed?

      Chris, can you BAN this PIG?. Too many of her kind are here.

      1. @James, hahaha, jackie’s beauty, success and how classy she carries herself is a threat and intimidation to lots of people but i believe she understands that the envy/hate comes with the territory.

      2. @James,heeerh are u normal?woagyimi paaaaa..kwasia b33ma..your dirty self should go to hell..its your mom n your father n your entire generation that are pigs..ur a dumbass,nincompoop,douchebag and an airhead..don’t bring urself oo u fool..if u c everything n u gonna say then im ready for u..aponkye like u..why don’t u ban me urself if ur that concern??redneck with empty skull

    2. @cici, I know right we all know Jackie has a pretty face alright but Chris is so obsessed with her look and yet looks down on others. I love jackie but i wish he change towards other ones too.

  2. Seriously????? We abroad don’t think so GC. we think Genevieve nnaji, Yvonne Nelson and Jocelyn Dumas rocks. dont hate Jackie but she hasnt got that much presence as u promote her to be. And did i hear u say class……..hahaha are u kidding??????????

    1. @maame, are you a toddler. Can you compare Yvonne Nelson and Joselyn Dumas to Jackie? What movies has Joselyn acted?

      1. @Serwaa, you think that quantity nonsense of movies jackie makes do make her superior than the rest ? tell me which of her hundreds movies you think she has acted has even gotten a nomination apart from PERFECT PICTURE ? STOP DISTURBING OUR EARS .

        1. @ato, thanks Ato! tbh GC do you know classy women at all? couldn’t agree more with Maame and Ato, that Dumas girl and YN are pure class. Trust you me Hollywood will take YN anyday over Jackie. she has zero class and her acting….that’s even non existent. Yes shes ok but travel the world and u will see Proper beautiful african girls, she doesnt even measure to any of them so pls stop this and promote proper classy gh actresses for the world to see.This gal cant act and ‘is not all that tbh’ .i live in London and i dont share the same view GC

        2. Princess Tyra,4play,beyouce (the president daughter) her first Amaa awardsin 2007, dealth After birth and many others 2008 she won Akrik awards, Ghana Movie awards Pan Africa movie awards in th US too many my dear @ato,

        3. @ato, You do have a good point there, to me she’s not the best actress but what can we do? All the producers in Ghana will pick her among these girls just because of the fame. Do you know how Shirley begged her just to accept that role? It baffles me sometimes why most producers don’t give other girls chance too. To me Jackie’s performance is standard no extra O., but looking at Miss Dumas, Naa ashorkor and okoro’s role in adams apple made a huge differences these three are what will call best female actress not Jackie. A close producer friend once said when a movie is about to shoot, only person they call on is Jackie and if she refuse Nadia and so on. Her acting skills is okay, pretty face, nice accent with a less fashion trend.

  3. Its just normal.Nothing spectacular.I wonder what the caption wld have bn if it was either Yvonne Nelson or Nadia.

    1. @TheChuckylee, Lmao Yvonne’s recent caption was attention seeking yvonne is finally inlove. Few hours ago okoro’s own was Yvonne barbie okoro lmao, Emelia labeled as a thief while jackie always remains his Goddess. Jackie’s caption is always double double sometimes quadru quadru. Chris needs to be fair with these girls and treats them equally.

  4. I thank God that I have such a cool temper. Sometime I wonder how I keep myself calm all the time in these kind of situations ɛdiɛn ni?? My goodness

    1. @Oheneba Miyagi, hahaha i think she has it well this time.. the outfit is on vogue and will give her 9/10 for trying hahhahahaha. She lost weight too, all for you miyagi, Jackie is all yours now.

      1. @Jeanie, hahahahaha agyeeeeeiii, apuuutoo not for me, she has lost weight yeah but than again it dont suit her flat HD ass and see how her bankye and her head is bigger than her upper body looking like a dabodabo(midget) on high heels the devil is surey a liar

        1. @Oheneba Miyagi, hahahaha Chris’s ride and die chic lol Dude is so inlove with Jackie i need him to answer why he treats her with the best caption and other girls with nasty titles. Miyagi get him to answer this for me please.

  5. Jackie appiah jackie appiah we love you because you are the best we have in Gh and we are very much proud of you

  6. Chris Vincent’s favorite and we all aware. Anyway miss pretty face of Ghana you got the fashion on point this time around. Less make up and different hair do. This time around you won. looking good mama

  7. Jackie seem to ve bribe chris or chris is in l……. with her.i wonder wen chris will write somtin good abt Y.N. bt i believe jackie is also havin bad aspects ooooo n y is Gc nt writing dem.

  8. Believe it or not Jackie is very beautiful …look at her skin tone her face expressions her eyes ,I only need BECCA’s lips and hips on her n confidence’s boobs and booty on her lol

  9. obaa ayekoo wa ye adie,am not a fan when its comes to your acting skills but hey am still pround of your achievement,am also really not happy that you have joined the single womens club but hey i guess you wore the shoe and only you knew how and where its hurts but if being single is the best for you and you are happy,then go girl,life is too short to waste it,enjoy your wealth,your son and your fame,you have paid your dues and you deserve the best so enjoy.

  10. Am even confused here, i cant blieve some people can even compared Yvonne Nelson and Jackie interms of acting, That’s very sad, can Yvonne even act, she deliver dialogue with stone face, she’s not even flexible when acting, aaaaah u people shock me.