OMG: Zimbabwean President Mugabe Threatens to Behead Gay People

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While the debate on gay rights in world is gaining ground and importance by the hour with even the Pope coming out to say who is he to judge,  Africa’s most unhinged president Mugabe minces no words where his mates fumble. While other presidents speak vaguely on the matter and others simply keep mute so as not to stir up muddy waters, Mugabe as usual says what is on his mind.

He will not have it. In fact, the Zimbabwean president has emphatically stated that he will behead homosexuals who dare to push their luck on Zimbabwean soil.

Mugabe has always expressed extreme displeasure on the subject and has often referred to homosexuality as unnatural and unacceptable. While addressing thousands of Zanu PF party faithfuls ahead of July 31st election, He said gay citizens are far worse than “pigs, goats and birds”. He said he will continue to criminalize homosexuality.

He said if we take two men who want to be homosexual and out them in a room for five years and they fail to come up with two children, we will chop of their heads. He also said he will raise the status of women and accused other African countries of adulterating our African culture just for aid.

Many people are beginning to fear that the leader may just be getting senile in his old age but as to the authenticity of his threats, we will just have to wait and hope.

More seriously and in my personal opinion, I wonder why Africa is wasting so much breathe on gay issues when we have more life-threatening economic and social issues. If you ask me, we cannot afford the luxury of sitting around the table discussing gay rights with such passion when our stomachs are not even full. Am I making sense?


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  1. @sister girl, it is you who is crazy and you are very stupid.i support the great mugabe so much and african culture should be is not usa and african culture must be respected.may your ancestors forgive you sister gel

    1. @jeff, Started from the farm now you’re a trotro driver. How can you say “sistergirl” is crazy as much as I don’t support gay marriage so you think what Mugaponko is doing is good killing his own people who the hell does he think he is, I don’t know where your based but do you know how many Zimbabwian can’t even go back to their country just for common holidays imaging if we has this daemon as president would you be happy even though he is not much different from GayMahama

      1. @Oheneba Miyagi, i don’t even know what to tell him. Its because of barbaric thinking like this that’s why we have so many wars in Africa. You think the solution to everything is to kill? Such a shame. is killing the only way?

    2. @jeff, my friend, i meant crazy in a funny way but why will you just come and insult me as stupid? Were you roaming around looking for who to insult? are you for real? or i should have said your opinion before you find me sensible? Are we the same person? What is wrong with you? Anyway, no problem. go and find your drugs and enjoy your day.

  2. I’ve never really liked mugabe but I couldn’t have agreed with him more on this one…he’s so on point!