Cyber Crime: Ghana 2nd In Africa, 7th In The World

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Depressing but not shocking…Most Ghanaians hate to hear the truth and they hate to condemn their own when they are found engaging in crimes which eventually places us in such rankings…

Soon, we will rank number one in Africa, and then what next? This shows how our society is broken, with people going every length to make a living—-irrespective of the consequence.

And even when they are caught, people will rally behind them to support them…Soon, it is will be difficult to travel on a Ghanaian passport. And no one will want to do any sort of business with you because you are a Ghanaian.

The sort of stereotype all Nigerians are facing because of some few will catch up on Ghana too.

According to Myjoyonline;

Ghana is reported to be gaining a bad reputation for Cyber-crime, also known as “sakawa”.

The country is ranked second in Africa and seventh in the world in cyber crime or internet crime.

This means more Ghanaians are engaged in cyber fraud, ranging from hacking of official websites to using the web to solicit young Ghanaian girls for sexual exploitation abroad.

According to the Ministry of Communication, about 82 cyber-crimes occur in Ghana every month and that is averagely 1000 crimes a year.

Deloitte and Touché, IT Auditor, Jesse Arthur cited lack of password policy by companies and deterring legislations among the challenges facing the country in addressing cyber security issues.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Communications is warning the public to be extra vigilant as the country records increase in cyber crimes.

Deputy Minister of Communications, Victoria Hammah says government is collaborating with interest groups such as the national security to tackle the issue.

Interestingly, Enterprise Risk Services Partner of Deloitte and Touché, Joe Ohemeng told Joy News a lot more people are becoming aware of cyber crime, which he said has rather reduced incidences of cyber crime in the country.

He, however, charged the business community to put in measures to fight cyber crime.

He also asked the Ghana Police Service to recruit more IT personnel into their fold.

Nevertheless, the Director of Commercial Crime at the CID, Superintendent Felix Mawusi, was emphatic the country will “win the war” against cyber fraud.

He told Joy News the department is working hard to “determine, prevent and reduce cyber crime”.

He said the CID headquarters is using the e-crime project, which has five components, as the main tool to fight cyber crime.

He explained that a laboratory for training detectives in cyber crime has been set up; the forensic science laboratory of the police service has been equipped. He further stated that the police is gathering cyber crime intelligence at a faster pace as well as getting a unit for the public to report crime.


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4 thoughts on “Cyber Crime: Ghana 2nd In Africa, 7th In The World”

  1. I’m not surprised that Ghana is on number 7, I mean if you go to dansoman you will see how many sakawa boys and girls that are living their ripping people off and circle side most nigerian have calmed down and have move to something bigger or have made their money already nowadays sakawa is trending big time in Ghana

  2. If this is the case then it’s very sad now I’m wondering what the government is doing about this because if they continue gradually a well respected Ghana will loose the respect and therefore the country will turn into a complete slum the government has got to start bringing down this lazy boys and girls but more importantly the local communities needs to let the police aware of these people so they can be dealt with them.  It’s sad to know that we always leave situations to get to the worse stages before tackling it 

  3. wow this is really shocking..thought all this sakawa thing is no more. in fact i don’t blame the people, i blame the government.
    the government are not creating more jobs for people to do. if there were jobs people will not be going about doing fraud. how man go survive. so which country is the first? im sure is Omo Niaja oooo …lemme keep my mouth shut before they come attacking me here.. a beg ooo

  4. Lol @prettyabena, the same question was going tru my mind, who is number 1? Hope its not my beloved naija. Howeva i beg to disagree with the ”govt are not creating enuf jobs” excuse. Many greedy nigerians always bring that up as an excuse wen caught in fraud, kidnapping etc. Its just greed.


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