BIG BROTHER AFRICA-The Chase Update: Eviction, Oneal Goes Home

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Oneal Big Brother Africa

With two lovebirds Feza and Oneal up for eviction, there was bound to be a separation but Feza kept musing it was going to be her. Luck was on her side but not entirely and her man went home instead. The Oneza balloon goes poof! At least for now…

Only one housemate was sent home today and that was Botswana’s Oneal.

As usual Ike manned the whole show looking dashing as ever and wowing viewers with a few dance moves.

Sullu and Annabel were interviewed on life since they went home which they seem to be enjoying.

You cannot feel much pity for Oneal, he has been lucky with ten whole awesome love-filled weeks in the house. Africa failed to save him tonight and so off he goes.

The love struck man made it clear he was more concerned about his lady Feza because they were both up for eviction. He was surprised to go but he took it well.

Bimp had been put up for eviction by HOH Elikem just like he guessed earlier in the week so he wasn’t surprised to learn he was also on the chopping block. Luckily, he is saved alongside Feza.

Oneal made sure to remind Feza of his love before he headed out.

One man gone, but the game continues, on to the next week.

Here’s who which country voted for:

Angola: Bimp
Botswana: Oneal
Ghana: Bimp
Kenya: Feza
Ethiopia: Bimp
Malawi: Bimp
Namibia: Bimp
Nigeria: Bimp
South Africa: Oneal
Sierra Leone: Feza
Tanzania: Feza
Uganda: Bimp
Zambia: Bimp
Zimbabwe: Bimp
Rest of Africa: Bimp

Total: Bimp = 10, Feza = 3, Oneal = 2.

(Total: 15 Votes)

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