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BIG BROTHER AFRICA SEASON 8: The Chase Update- Today’s Eviction-Bimp & Angelo Out!


We know the housemates who went to the gallows today but let’s find out who got chopped out of the three; Dillish, Bimp and Angelo.

Big brother announced that two housemates will be going home today and then went to give us a recap of the week’s nominations before moving in to Kaakie’s energetic performance.

The kickass performances seem to be telling well on her figure as she looked fit and trimmer than usual on the Big Brother stage. Or was it just their angles of shot? Well all I know is Kaakie looked trim today and sexy too.The boys were drooling over that ‘toh badht dancehall Nikki Minaj kind of body!’

As always, we went over to Feza to check out how she is doing right after Big Brother and she is not doing badly at all.

To the night’s business; Bimp got kicked! I predicted him first remember?

Well I had my information very right. Great guy and great company he was to us all these weeks. He isn’t somebody I like seeing go but hey!

My second prediction was wrong though. Dillish stayed and Angelo went home!

Africa sure does love the finest! Congratulations to Dillish for making it to the big finale.

Do you want to catch up on Kaakie’s ‘bootylicious’ performance? Watch it here…

Now the heat has just been turned on as Cleo, Melvin, Beverly, Elikem and Dillish head to the finals to battle it off. Will Beverly survive the week without her Beau Angelo? Will Angelo get crucified by his real life fiancée?

And who takes home the cash? At this point, I do not even want to know about anybody but home boy Elikem. I am cheering him all the way.

Let’s go there Ghana!


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