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Big Brother Africa Season 8: The Chase Update-Week in Focus

Big Brother Africa Season 8-The Chase1

Last days are dangerous they say and that is exactly the mood in the Big Brother house lately. It’s hard for nerves to stay calm when everybody knows the hour is almost here when only one person will take home the bank-breaking 300,000.00 USD.

Are they ready to get to the finals and have their hearts broken by being sent home? It’s not easy to get to the finals but after you do, your eyes jump unto the cash. You feel you deserve it for working hard enough to get that far…

Today I am predicting Bimp will be kicked off out of the three. If two go home, I am predicting Bimp and Dillish. I do this according to their order of popularity among voters.

If you missed anything this week, here is a recap of salient happenings.

This morning the house mates were groomed up to look spanking for tonight’s live eviction show.

Saturday’s party was a booty shaking affair with Zimbabwean DJ Otis Fraser after which the ladies were asked to reveal which of the left men would they  like to date if they had nobody outside the house; Bimp, Angelo, Melvin or Elikem?

Beverly chose Bimp but Cleo wasn’t too forthright but eventually said she’d choose Bimp for a Monday, Melvin on a Tuesday and so on. Clever way of avoiding the question huh? That’s what the boys thought.

Which of the men in the house would you choose? I would be lost myself. Maybe Melvin?

The boys also decided to talk about Kim Kardashian and her claim to fame-hmm, touchy topic.

Elikem and Cleo enjoyed a small game of pool and got to know each other more; the boys also got down and dirty with a game of tennis and soccer.

Dillish and Melvin had a small disagreement which they resolved quickly. There was also some indoor booty shaking courtesy Channel O!

Dillish spoke about how hard it has been being faithful to her man and she is beginning to lose her mind. But hey, we need to congratulate Dillish AKA the sexiest girl in the house for keeping it together all this while.

The subject of Beverly and Angelo came up. Being the last standing couple in the house. Do you think they will make it outside the house as a couple?

And tonight, Ghana’s Kaakie is representing and bringing it down during the live show.

Are you ready? I am!


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