Obrafour: Best Ghanaian Rapper Ever & His Pae Mu Ka Album, The Best Album Ever?

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I spent the last two days hanging out a lot with Obrafour, one of Ghana’s best rappers, and apart from music, we talked about other personal things—-I didn’t know so much about his family, especially his kids.

He has been blessed again with a cute baby who is less than a month old and I am told he has other beautiful children already. The photos of the baby were really CUTE—-I wish I could have shared them with you.

From our conversation about his music, sense of direction, retirement and what he thinks of his achievements so far, Obrafour came up as a humble individual who is very much engulfed in a new passion of finding God and working for Him.

Perhaps he does not see his achievements that much of a big deal. But that does not mean the substance of his work can be undermined.

Obrafour has fallen in love with singing—-after all, he has done all the rap he could, he said. He seems to have achieved all he wanted with rap, leaving behind a legacy of prolific rap music which we all enjoyed and will continue to be part of us.

His first album-Pae Mu Ka gave a different meaning to Hiplife. With his not so ordinary twi diction fused with heavy punch lines over loud beats, he helped in paving the way for Twi Rap…

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Many have said Pae Mu Ka is the best Hiplife album of all time and I cannot find any out there to take me from buying into this statement…I spoke to him about this, Click Here To See What He Had To Say.

More important, others think Obrafour’s rap legacy is such that he is or should be crowned the Best Ghanaian Rapper—-I am yet to find a matching contestant. Ghanaian rapper-M.anifest recently said this too.

To me, it takes more than a talent to achieve all these—dedication and desire to make a mark are pushing factors.

What do you think?

Is Obrafour the Best Ghanaian Rapper Ever?

Is His ‘Pae Mu Ka’ Album the best Hiplife Album?

This is what Reggie Rockstone had to say to the above…


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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  1. a rapper is someone who raps words rhythmically, they can write raps and perform them but and a MC is someone who literally moves a crowd, MC stands for “MASTER of CEREMONY” they have the ability to control the crowd, they have the ability to move any audience and get any audience to follow along and join in with them whether thats participating in rhymes, joining in chants, waving their hands whatever they ask the audience will join in and do. An MC is also ready to MC anywhere anytime for any audience and as I said can move any audience anywhere and anytime…and I believe Obrafour is all in one a rapper/ MC Pae Mu Ka’ Album is surely one of his best lyrically beats etc like reggie rocks tone said he is like the Eric B and Rakim of GH mixed with KRS 1

  2. yh man…………………
    as for rap in gh, even an old woman in the remotest part of the country will still confirm that OBRAFOUUR has got ity all in rap music…………
    his whole rap forms an intact story line from start to finish….. he is able to blend proverbs, punch lines, rhyme, metaphor and hormophonism of which none gh rapper has and can ever do. his music has deep contents that sends useful message to the pple. a microphone controller that swings his crowd and listeners into a mental shock and excitement. all he does is just an opus….. hail the king…..