How Ghanaian Celebrities Can Also Make Money Using Twitter Sponsored Tweets Being Used By Actors, Bingo Enthusiasts & Reality Show Personalities To Rake In Cash

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The social networking site, Twitter, has changed the face of social media by introducing the microblogging concept—each tweet is limited to a mere 140 characters. Netizens from around the world rose to the challenge by being creative with the things they want to broadcast, honoring the old adage “brevity is intelligence”. Recently, though, Twitter has not just been an arena where people can vent out frustrations or express opinions; it has evolved into a moneymaking venture as well.

Brands have used the site to appeal to the fanbase of celebrities by asking these personalities to tweet on their behalf as a marketing stunt. The numbers and the cash they earn through sponsored tweets are quite staggering. Singers, Hollywood actors and actresses, television show hosts, celebrity bingo players, and reality show personalities are getting big bucks out of sponsored posts. published an infographic showing celebrities who hit the jackpot because they get paid to tweet; Khloe Kardashian and Jared Leto earn $13,000 per sponsored tweet, while Snooki, Kendra Wilkinson, and Tyrese earns $7,800 each.

Some celebs do it the subtle way: Kim Cardashian simply tweets about the fast food chain Carl’s Jr. latest commercial, and Katie Price follows Foxy on Twitter. Luigi Picarazzi, president of Digital Media Management, said that celebrities on social media have the following goals: launching a brand, promoting projects, or furthering charity causes by sponsoring fundraisers such as bingo socials and auctions.

Celebrities in Ghana can also take advantage of this social media sponsorship boom. Van Vicker (@IAmVanVicker), Nadia Buari (@B5sNadiaBuari), and Yvonne Okoro (@YvonneOkoro) can learn a thing or two from their Hollywood counterparts by jumping the brand sponsorship bandwagon. With the number of followers they all have, these Ghanaian celebrities can also rake in some cash through sponsored tweets. They should take advantage of Twitter not just for promoting their latest projects or informing others of their advocacies, but also for extra income.