Listen To Sullu’s Song For His Ruby Ruby Selly!

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Selly's Press Conference (22)

Big Brother Africa the Chase is over? No, not until you hear Sulu’s special song for his Ruby mates especially His Ruby Ruby Selly.

The housemate who was evicted on July 29th obviously went home with his love for Selly still growing stronger. And the musician in him did not sit and do nothing about it. He sat and composed and put together a nice from dance tune perhaps in a last attempt to get Selly’s attention.

Although Selly is too in love with Praye to even notice him, he also made sure to announce that he is coming to Ghana whether Selly likes it or not. So we are expecting him to show up in Ghana one of these days!

Sulu, the Zambian lad will be remembered for being very funny and outspoken. He made his attraction towards Selly well known form an early start and although she left him for Nando which hurt him very much, he is obviously still carrying a torch for his dearest fellow housemate-Selly. This is good news if you ask me. So Selly, If Praye Tietia starts misbehaving, you know where to run off to!

Listen to Sulu’s Ruby Ruby below…