Leila Djansi Takes A Huge Swipe At Frank Artus-Calls Him A Horrible Actor

Leila Djansi
Leila Djansi

The Ghanaian movie industry is very lenient on acting prowess of its members. Most never openly bash each other concerning their skill in acting. But as we have come to learn, Director Leila Djansi has earned herself a reputation for being ‘loud mouth’…

After making headlines a few weeks ago for bashing Ghanaian actors and actresses who live flamboyantly beyond their means and constantly take several unnecessary trips abroad just to show off, Miss Djansi went in strong earlier today on the bad acting of Frank Artus after which she went ahead to list her ten best local actors.

“There are some Ghana actors who should not be acting. Tomorrow, I MIGHT name some. but seriously, anyone who loves the actor Frank Astus should tell him to get another job. This is not fair. Some people try way tpo hard and it ends in a terrible disaster. Quit or go to school. Don’t be fooled by the mediocre fame. Someone will take your place” she wrote…

Leila Djansi continued; “My top ten amazing Ghanaian actors:

1. Doris Sackitey

2. Brew Riverson jnr

3. Oscar Provenscal (sp)

4. Nadia Buhari (if she stops the americanizations)

5. Luckie Lawson (needs to fix accent)

6. Kofi Middleton-Mends

7. Ama K Abebrese (if director is firm)

8. Akosua Abdallah

9. Ekow Smith Asante

10. Jot Agyeman (needs a cinema hand)

That someone is not on this list doesn’t mean the person is not good. I’m counting only MY top ten. Now if I can throw in two more.

11. Akofa Asiedu (needs some major voice training)

12. Dela Djebu (she needs a come back!)

My criteria for the list is people who have depth. People who can really go into that dark and fearful place and be laid bare. Feel free to disagree with me. I’m going to bed now”.

She further explained that Ghanaians usually will not tell you the truth especially in the industry but they will side-line you and laugh at you behind you.

Miss Djansi promises to name some more horrible actors soon. Haha! I am loving this…

Well Frank Artus, the message is out! If you wish to reply, GhanaCelebrities.Com is here for everyone! :D.

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34 thoughts on “Leila Djansi Takes A Huge Swipe At Frank Artus-Calls Him A Horrible Actor”

  1. Ghana fuo! Munbe tie! You people don’t liek the truth. I salute Leila. keep talking it
    where is yam legs bankyi appiah on this list? where is joselyn kingkong?
    you people don’t know huuu!
    and that artus guy who feels so good impregnating women around town with his horrible acting and horrible by force face. mtcheeew! leila add more we beg. let us see which of these sub zero actors will come insult her. like i will lambast the person well well

    • @sister girl,

      Sister girl, no be u go kill me sha. I can’t stop laughing. All u said is true, except that  jackie’s legs are beautiful like mine somewhat bowleg and hairy. Maybe u havn’t seen her in person. But u are really funny. Lambast them when they try. i’m behind u. Kalsoume is very good but she forces a little bit too much. Joyclyn, i don’t kno why she’s an actress. Nadia deserves it all. Roselyn Ngissah is soo on point. [Somwhere in Africa] twisted her accent. and even in ‘sin of the soul” Roselyn, hmm, she’s truly Suzzy Williams high school mate ampa. They know acting. I hate that jackie is not on the list but, the truth is bitter.

      • @Alero, This Leila woman is a disaster, Nadia and Luckie good actresses? I can’t even believe she’s pulling a cheap prank to promote Nadia  who killed her career with her terrible acting skills. Not hating though! What a laugh!!!….hahahaha…Nadia paa good actress…

        • What is her impact in the african movie industry? This is no time for empty loud mouth cuz you making fool of yourself. 

  2. Bad actors : jackie appiah, yvone nelson, nadia buari , juliet ibrahim( idont Even know why she Get movie script) John dumelo, majid . Ekow Smith is soo boring .

    Good actors: lukie Lawson , Yvonne okoro, ama k, kofi adjolojo, grace nortey, bill asamoah , agya koo, nana AMA mcbrOwn( only in twi movies) emelia brobbey, micheal afranie, kyeiwaa, mercy asiedu, martha ankomah.

    My Angelina jolie of africa : mercy Johnson , chacha Ike, madam orzorkwo.
    Bradpitt of Africa: keneth okonkwor.

  3. Haha u gotta love this woman list ever.I love her list n I’m glad some so-called hyped people ain’t mentioned.haha this fun.can’t wait for her list again.

  4. For me I don’t think Frank is a bad actor per se.He’s good with some roles just that he overeacts a lot.But Leila should take it easy.I wasn’t so impressed with some of her movies especially ties that bind so she should stop acting like she knows it all.Great production but storyline & execution was a bit low for me.

    • @TheChuckylee, If you don’t know good movies, go and sleep. you want her to turn it into cantata and akan drama gidigidi for you?

      • @sister girl, Not @ all.I watch all kinds of movies from hollywood,nollywood to our local language movies so I know what I’m talking about.It wasn’t worth all the hype for me.

      • @sister girl, i agree with @TheChuckylee… ties that bind was a total turn off after all the hype. i even fell asleep watching it, great cast but bad story line and execution…Leila u dnt know it all so stfu and think about yourself.

    • @TheChuckylee, I agree with you. He is not as bad as Leila wants us to believe. I liked watching him in “Money Never Sleeps” and it’s sequel, “Where Money Sleeps”. Other stars in the movie include MJ, Rita Dominic and Nnuella.

    • @TheChuckylee, thank you thank you, Who is Djansi again??? Oh she’s a nonmotherfuckerfactor!!! She should get a life!!! Franck artur is NOT ghaneen, he is Not the worst actor, nor the greatest. How can someone in the film industry can publicly humiliate another actor like that? She got the attention she wanted, that same attention will burry her shapeless rough skinned body. She wants a piece of him maybe!!! Go get a life Leila Djansi, your so called movies were so horrible I couldn’t go pass 15 min…

  5. The truth shall set you free!!! Frank Artus does suck! For me (mind you this is my opinion) the best Ghanaian contemporary actress is Yvonne Okoro,and after seeing contract,she convinces me the more. Yvonne Okoro is not all there yet but that girl is going far like Miss Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Ekeinde,Mercy Johnson and co if she further sharpens her craft. Great Ghanaian actresses of all time for me include Doris Sackitey,Akofa Asiedu,Grace Nortey…Kalsoum Sinare forces a bit too much and i don’t like seeing the veins underneath her neck. Yvonne Okoro is quite versatile,she can play the poor village girl,or the rich classy girl or whatever role! To me She is the Ghanaian Geneieve Nnaji! Once she gets a good director…she is all set! Kafui Danku and Jocelyn Dumas and Roselyn Nssigah ,also are people that have potential too,one the fix small issues like over reacting and become more verstile  because Jocelyn all i see her in is boss lady,dolled up roles! Yvonne Okoro does the switch amazingly!

  6. Just becos shes a producer doesnt mean she knows it all, i disagree with her on some people on the list, nadia lucky lawson, as far as am concerned Lydia Forson is a better actress than these two, Lydia has a lot of depths and if pushed can really really do well, i agree with her on some people not acting, juliette ibrahim being number 1 on my list of horrible actresses.

    • @LA,
      i disagree with u only on the Nadia part. the girl knows the job and she de bee keke! If her role in agony of Christ is given to any actress in GH, they can never, i say, never, come out the way she did!

  7. Well what can i say? At least ekow’s name is on the list which i agree because hommie is so natural even on the sex roles. Ekow mwuahz.. Well luckie cant be on a top 5 though seriously? would rather replace martha the mercy johnson of Ghana. Peeps i dey lie?

  8. I personally don’t think we’ve got that many of good actors out there in GH. And it seems like they are trying too hard to get notice by Hollywood that, they forget what acting is about?!?!?! Nadia and her Americanisation!!!! LOL…. And I also think Yvonne N is just promoting her fashion store in her movies. Overall they’re all bad both actors and producers as well as directors. But hey GH people love it so…. or they’ll not keep producing!!!

  9. Gosh! I miss Brew Riverson jr. Where has he been hiding? I really miss his movies. . To the topic being discuss, I agree with ms. Leila to a extent on her top ten. I think luckie’s name should be replace with either Roseslyn Nssigah or Martha Ankomah’s name.

  10. oh shoot i feel that was quiet harsh for her to insult Frank in such manner. We all know he’s horrible but that was too blunt for the public viewers. Leila you are a public figure be-careful what you type on the social media that wasn’t professional at all. 

  11. Must Leila say it before everyone know the truth tha that Liberian Frank guy is always forcing his way to act like majid and overdoes it? He is more than a horrible actor. He pisses me so much. he also sniffs weed in real life. Liberian killed Suzzy Williams. I don’t kno why they still give him roles after finding out he lied about Van vicker being his brother just to get his first ever role @ Venus Production? He needs to go back to his country. the war is over. He needs to be deleted frm ghana. true talented Ghanaians needs acting oppnity n can’t get. Yet all this horrible fake actors are wasting the gab. How sad! 

    • @Buka,
      I must admit I am not based in Ghana, so I find all of these comments very surprising. Is it realy true that he smokes weed?

  12. Eh! Chris, is it an earthquake or what? What happened to Jackie? Nadia is on the list anyways. I’m glad The truth is finally out! So whether u hate nadia or not Chris, Nadia Buari [A.k.a the world has a crush on her] Rules @ the top! She rocks. Now Think of how u r going to bribe Leila to fix ur woman jackie  in the corner somewhere! Lamao! She forgot john dumelo very baaaad actor, out of character.

  13. I must say, Leila u need to star tonto dikeh in one of ur movie bcoz u are a very controversial director. Ur face like a mouse Wai?! aaba! 

  14. And does she need to take it this personal to gain attention? How come the celebrities considered horrible are the ones who get the best jobs, fans and megabucks? or is taking a swipe at the biggest stars the new attention seeking strategy? Ok…is leila djansi the name of an animal, place or thing?

  15. Think before you talk Leila Afua Djansi. Artus is a splendid actor. You are behaving like a real child. Coming up with an unofficial top ten. Isn’t that funny? Can you tell me in one word what makes a good actor?


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