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Dillish is the winner of Big Brother Africa

Who knows the nursery rhyme that goes ‘when I was a poor man, my family didn’t know me, when I was a rich man, my family wrote a letter…go and tell my family, still I am a poor man!’ Dillish has apparently never met her Biological father.

The man literally took the high road after getting her mother pregnant during a peacekeeping mission years back and stopped responding to her messages. The Kenyan however showed up to confirm he is Dillish’s father after she made it known she wanted to meet her biological father.

I guess money gets you far indeed huh?

As reported by Kenyan website ghafla;

Dillish’s mother, Selma Pashukeni has confirm to Standard Group that Guyo is indeed is the BBA winner’s real biological dad.

In a Google hangout organized by the Kenyan Embassy in Namibia and the Standard Group, Selma and Guyo were able to talk to each other for the first time in close to 23 years. The hangout was witnessed by the Kenyan Ambassador to Namibia, Peter Gitau, Dillish’s uncle and aunt.

According to SDE, emotions ran high as Selma positively identified the former KDF soldier. The two former lovebirds took a stroll down the memory lane as they relived their last moment together at the airport where they last saw each other.

Guyo explained that while he tried his best to keep in touch, his hectic army schedule and the extremely slow communication modes hindered him from communicating.

Dillish’s uncle was quick to remind Guyo to visit Namibia with loads of money as gratitude for all the work he did raising up Dillish in Guyo’s absence.

In the end, Guyo has been invited to Namibia to celebrate Dillish’s 23rd birthday on the 16th of September.

Is there a happy ending in this situation?


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