MUST WATCH VIDEO: Marrying A Girl At The Age Of 13 | Nigerian’s Child Marriage Debate On Al-Jazeera

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Stella Damasus

Marrying anyone below the age of 18 to me is the most evil thing a person can do. Below 18, what sort of proper consent can you even get from a person?

The recent Nigeria’s child marriage debate found its way unto Al-Jazeera  with Nollywood star Stella Damasus and Senator Ahmed Yarima going head to head over whether it is justifiable to marry a girl as young as 13—something the Senator has done himself.

I find it not only a religious insanity but total disregard for humanity, if anyone thinks it is perfect to marry a girl of 13…

Religion is supposed to help improve humanity and not serve as a key to destruction…

Watch the video below and tell us what you think…


GC Staff Yaa


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  1. this chap is a good example of why islam would be fools to try and dominate the world.. their literal rule book faith will act as carte blanche for the worlds perverts thieves and murderers. as it already has for them. morality cant be influenced with a static set of unchanging rules because the dishonest will just find the loop holes. it must be based on the needs and views of the whole society not on ordained “heavenly” ? rules.

    plus this pervert needs to be chased into the jungle with machettes.. Respect to Stella Damasus for the actions she is taking

      1. @B.B, 101% of nigerians are in support of stella damasus actions even the muslims, she is fully secured..she won’t be harmed

  2. There are more important issues to address than early marriages.I have seen girls about 13years involved in prostitution.Do some girls not get pregnant (before 18)by their will. What can our much educated friends do to stop that?What happens to girls whose parents can no longer take care of them.I think early marriage is the best way to combat child prostitution and lesbianism.Some girls married before 18 and are very happy.Others marry after 30 and cannot even give birth..Our efforts should be channeled to making sure girls continue their education even when they get married or get pregnant.