**EPISODE 2: How Was Your Weekend, GC Family?

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First of all, thanks to all of you who commented the first time this column was pushed through. We managed to get over 50 genuine and interesting comments so Chris-Vincent has agreed to let the column say—and if it gets unpopular, he will pull the plug to discontinue it.

Like my colleague-Sheila who wrote the first episode, I am also excited and hope we can all throw in our comments on what we did over the weekend to help sustain this column. In fact, anytime it comes up, we should all rush to share what we did.

The reason why I am more interested in this is because; this is one of those posts that bring us together. Mostly, we are divided and siding with our favourites celebrities—throwing shades and unnecessary insults at each other because of a celebrity.

This column is not about anyone else, it is about us…

To those of us who have been reading and writing on this BLOG despite the many controversies, disagreements and fights, we see ourselves as one BIG GC FAMILY with different people who have different minds—-diversity.

So let’s hear what you did this week. Share with us… And as usual, if you did nothing, tell us that too.

What I did over the weekend

The weather is fast changing and I can see winter at the corner so my Saturday was all about shopping—-making sure I get enough jumpers and heavy clothes for the upcoming cold weather. I did not have enough money but wanted a lot of things.

I had 80 pounds to spend and lucky for me, my local H&M Shop had some sales stuff so I managed to spend about 2 hours in there going throwing the under £10.  It was worth the time because I had 6 jumpers and straight jeans.

From H&M, I walked into T.K Max but since I didn’t have 10 hours to waste, I came out straight away.

One thing I hate about T.K Max is that even though they have so many nice designer stuff, you will never find your size or colour. To buy anything in there, you must be ready to spend about 10 hours going through a bunch of collections.

On Sunday, I went to the church and thereafter, a friend took me to her cousin’s birthday lunch. I had a lot to eat and if I am lucky, a guy who took my number will be calling…

He is cute and not boastful like the many guys I have met lately. So I will be happy if he calls or texts. If he doesn’t, life goes on as a single woman…LOL

Now, tell us what you did over the weekend?

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  1. I had a beautiful weekend. I took the two boys to the park on saturday and later in the evening, I went to play football. I need that stomach to go down a bit else life is becoming difficult in the bedroom lol

    On sunday I did an early morning shift and came home to some good fufu and light soup. After which I spent some time watching football

  2. i woke up late on Saturday becos i didnt have much to do…i dressed and got out of the house around 2:30pm to get my nails done…i painted my left fingers red and my right fingers orange…lol i visited my Fiance at his office and we went to shop at Accra Mall later in the evening….i spent the night at his end…
    on Sunday, i couldnt go to church, i woke up to prepare vegetable-rice and salad for breakfast…then i watched a movie with my man (Confessions of a marriage counselor)…i slept throughout the day and left for my place around 5pm…..i guess i had a good weekend

    1. @Eaglebabe,lol… “i couldnt go to church” how would u go to church after soending the night there…ur guilty co alone wont spare u neither will ur aching body…lol…gurl ive been in this situation countless times..God forgive us…..

      1. @selly, hahahaaaaaa lol, its good to know am not the only one who does that…. me koraaa, how could u have gone to church? lol 🙂

  3. It started brightly until that call came in midway into the German match. She left with the excuse her roomie had an emergency and needed her immediately. Few minutes after she left, her phones were switched off after 1 unanswered attempt. For fear of the unknown I made it early to her house on saturday only to find her room mate with no worries whatsoever. Though she tried to play smart, we ran into candy alighting the same car the old hag who has been on her trail drives…she looked apologetic, it was obvious. I couldn’t stand it

    I’ve spent all of saturday and sunday in solitude. No calls no texts

    Candy ruined my weekend..that Aristo had her for the night!

  4. well ma weekend was cool.i watched movies and slept lol. sunday i went to visit a friend since i dnt go to church anymore,looking for a new one