DO YOU KNOW THAT: Kevin-Prince Boateng Left Milan Because of Racism?

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Racism in football is a disease, which must be uprooted…With most of the great players in Europe coming from Africa, some of us thought the brighter side of Africa will be seen—giving rise to the fact that all are equal, no matter the skin colour.

However, Black footballers in Europe continue to suffer in the hands of racial abuse—and our own Kevin Prince Boateng is a victim.

According to Ghana Sports Mail;

Kevin-Prince Boateng quit Italian football because of racism, according to Schalke’s chief financial officer, Peter Peters.

The Ghana international left AC Milan for a return to Germany with Schalke on transfer deadline, having scored a brace in the Rossoneri’s Champions League qualifier against PSV Eindhoven just a few days earlier.

Even though Milan then bought Kaka from Real Madrid, it did seem odd that they would let Boateng go, because of the midfield menace and mettle he offered them.

However, Peters told BildSportPlus that Boateng had grown weary of his constant run-ins with racism in Italy, and had decided to leave the Latin nation if he had the chance.

When he helped Milan qualify for the group stage of the Champions League, Boateng triggered an agreement he had with the club’s president, Silvio Berlusconi, and he will no longer be forced to contend with the ignorance and hatred that has become a theme in economically ravaged state of Italy.

“Because of the racist incidents, Boateng wanted to leave Italy,” Peters said.

“He had an arrangement with president Silvio Berlusconi that he could leave if AC Milan qualified for the Champions League group stage.

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