FOR THE LADIES: When A Man Makes A Fool Out Of Himself…Share Your Experience!

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black woman walking

As a woman, I get approached each day by men—some of them call it ‘HOLLA’.

Personally, I do not like a lot of attention and therefore any ‘HOLLA’ makes in a little uncomfortable, especially if I am alone.

It is understandable that a cutie like me will pull in the attention and the ‘HOLLA’ will never stop, something I have unwillingly accepted. But I hate it when this ‘HOLLA’ is done the wrong way.

Some men are just childish—better, they do not even know how to get a woman to listen to them. I have seen and heard it all. Some of the lines are so absurd like ‘Can I eat you out like you are my last food before I die?’

Mostly, I am not offended by the lines if it is said to me only. After all, I am the only one hearing it. But I hate it when a guy makes a fool out of himself, thinking he is embarrassing me or probably making the best move ever.

I mean when someone stands so far and shouts—HEY HEY HEY! In such instances, I do not blink an eye, let alone turn to look.

Even if you are Denzel Washington and you ‘HOLLA’ at me this way, I will not mind you…

I have seen it all; my recent worst ‘HOLLA’ was a badly dressed man who kept clapping to get my attention. And he followed me, thinking I will probably stop.

After I ignored him, he started insulting me…Pretty silly.

Sometimes, men even HORN at you, as if you are an animal in the middle of the road.

What has your worse ‘HOLLA’ been?  And what is the most absurd line you’ve heard? Share with us!

GC Staff Yaa