So Obvious It Is A Publicity Stunt: Pokello Says She Is Ready To Marry Elikem As Soon As He Pays Her Bride Price…


Knowing how Elikem rolls, we know Pokello is not his kind of woman as she is cash starved—though she may easily meet the age requirement.

We all know the two who claim to be love birds are swimming in a pool of publicity stunt. But as usual, as African Celebrities who do not know how to employ publicity stunts—they are making it too obvious with their ‘suppose’ relationship.

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It is enough that you want people to loosely believe the two of you are an item in an attempt to get media attention and the people talking.

But to quickly jump from there and start talking marriage makes the whole concept WEAK. Even the biggest idiot can see through it.

Speaking at Joy Fm yesterday at the Kotoka International Airport, Pokello said she is ready to marry Elikem “as soon as he pays my bride price,” and that the bride price only costs “a few thousands.”


A well packaged relationship publicity stunt would have tackled this as; we are happy today with the love we share and we want to enjoy each moment as it comes…

These two quickly better figure out what they want to do with the dying media attention before they join the tall list of ex-Big Brother Housemates who could not make anything substantial out of the show.


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15 thoughts on “So Obvious It Is A Publicity Stunt: Pokello Says She Is Ready To Marry Elikem As Soon As He Pays Her Bride Price…”

  1. they are not  the first couple who wants to marry after the bba show, there have been alot of marriages that has come out of the bba show. come to think of it did you watch the show yourself? cos you will not be writing this.they are both adults and can decide to do what ever they want, pls get your facts right before you come up with such irrelevant stories

  2. How is dis news? How did u know its public stunt…what if its real doe?.and pls who is this gc staff dt always post dry news..Next pls Chris

  3. It’s funny how in Africa a politician(or someone serving in government) is automatically considered rich. I don’t the people with such mentality rather they people who ensured we think that way.

    • @nana yaa,
      that is why i qualified my phrase with wealthy specifying that I read he is wealthy. I am not making that assumption purely on the basis of his government post

  4. Okay whoever wrote this post we heard please let us the Polikems have some fun before the relationship you say is fake is over. Haba Ghana celebrities do you guys have a personal vandetta for Elikem or what. In the house they were hated and the out side world that’s supposed to encourage them also hating on them. SMH I can’t

  5. Eventhough I dont support ‘celebrities’ publicly displaying their ‘relationship’ especially when it is so young, I think it is not right to speculate that it is a publicity stunt and also to say that Elikem is only interested in older women with money. If they want to be together, lets just give them the space to do just that.
    GC family, kindly visit my blog to read more about life in the US

  6. Isn’t she the PORNSTAR referred to as PORNELLO?? Lol!!!! Aaah things people do for money, or should I say penniless fame!!

    It is a publicity stunt!! How could she just rush into marriage without the guy asking!! And how could he watch her video having sex with another man and say its NICE!! Lol!! Well if its not a publicity stunt then they both must have had a dysfunctional upbringing!!

  7. you people will hate on elikem until u die and rot somewhere beneath, dude will be balling steady! your headlines on “elikem and pokello” screams one word “HATE” and may that hate find whoever writes/posts these stuff and kill the person


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