Nadia Buari & Jim Iyke Are Truly An Item: So If You Doubted It All Like I Did For Good Reasons, I Can Tell You They Are Chopping Things Down

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Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke

I am sceptical about a lot of unreasonable things but realistic in the face of my scepticism. In the spirit of my scepticism and on grounds of not finding any reasonable belief in why Ghanaian actress-Nadia Buari will allow Jim Iyke to chop her down, I’ve always doubted the intimacy of their relationship…

But after having spotted into them at a place where they’ve been staying together in Ghana (sharing the same room), my doubts were diminished and flattened.

The last edge of my doubt was shut down when I spoke to certain industry folk who are very close to Nadia Buari while in Ghana. Some of these people cited the same reasons, on which I grounded my doubt but went further to add that; ‘it is therefore shocking to them why Nadia Buari will drop in for Jim Iyke’….

One of such close sources said; ‘Chris, I did not believe it and never thought Nadia will go down that root when the two started hanging out but for now, she seems to be enjoying his love and my fear for her keeps jumping up—knowing what happened between her and Michael Essien’.

So for the sceptics out there who had good reasons like I did not to believe Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke were seriously chopping things down, they are REALLY doing it—-and if they are sharing the same room for weeks upon weeks in Ghana, we all can imagine what goes on there in the room.

Apart from staying together in a room, people close to Nadia Buari have confirmed it, though they have their own worries about what the outcome of the relationship would be…

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. I was also very skeptic about the rumors of them dating. Afterall the always refer to themselves as BFF or brother and sister. But if it’s coming from you Chris, and you are sure then I guess I have to start warming up to the idea if it being true.
    I just wish both of them would find work to do cos right now they are only in the news for their relationship and not their work.
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  2. How dare you conceived the thought that a Nigerian will be carrying hand bag for a Ghanaian girl. You think Nigerians are that daft or what. i can bet you Nigerians are some of the smartest people on earth.This is not an exergeration.

  3. Chris, why are you bent on talking about what goes on in the room…whether or not it is good or bad, in he world we live today, if you’re dating someone, clearly intimacy will happen…should we also start imagining what happened in your getaway with your girlfriend on vday? I don’t think what they do privately should be mentioned here…I think that’s below the belt…it’s their business and their privacy…please

      1. @Honesty, you shut up and go get a life, I wasn’t talking to you. If they don’t have a private life, does it mean we should be talking about what goes on in their private rooms…damn is it that deep? What do you think will be happening behind closed doors when dating…Common sense

        1. @lilyy, don’t mind that idiot isn’t Nadia and Jim adult? They are responsible for their own fucking action. As for that ape of a human being called Chris I don’t know what his problem is. Go and fu*k Nadia since you don’t want anyone to Fu*k her ehh fool this is all you know.