KUMAWOOD Vrs GOLLYWOOD: Be The Judge & Let’s End The Debate | Which Movies Do You Watch And Why?


One thing that both Kumawood and Gollywood share in common is how silly theses names are/sound.

Without any critical thinking and deliberation, these names have become industry names and we seem to have all accepted them—as we have once or twice used them ourselves.

Kumawood refers to those local movies (made in Twi) and predominately shot or produced in Kumasi. These movies have no suspense as the title songs which are repeated almost every minute tell you how the movies will end.

Most of the Kumawood movies are poorly produced—-bad lighting, poor sound and visual quality. I do not think the actors are given any scripts and prefer to think they are just told what the story is, and then asked to starting acting.

In a Kumawood movie, one scene can be dragged for 30 minutes and you dare complain. All I am trying to say is that when it comes to Kumawood movies, the storylines are not great, the productions are poor and the marketing strategies are extremely annoying.

Yet, these movies are able to offer good laugh. I watch them when I need humour and they do exactly that for me.

I do not place emphasis on the quality of production, I just sit to watch so I can laugh away some of my many troubles for the day.

Gollywood is another silly name we cannot trace its origin but it has come to stay. And this refers to those movies mostly shot in English and at Accra with those who claim to be top Ghanaian actors and actresses.

When it comes to production and post-production, a lot of work is put into these movies to get a good standard. Some of these Gollywood movies are even shot using the RED camera—meaning, they seem to be pushing for an acceptable standard.

Storylines are mostly stolen and twisted to make them seem original. The actors and actresses are confused and deluded—thinking they are the best when they actually cannot act to save their lives. They can bore you to death with their fake slangs, Shakespearean language and over expressed emotions.

Ocassionally, you get one or two of these Gollywood movies which you can say are good to watch. Even with that, you cannot watch these movies two or three times as they lose their value and interest after a single watch.

Gollywood movies offer me NOTHING.  They come up as cheap versions of home-made America videos. And if I can get access to the real home-made America videos and go as far as getting Hollywood movies to watch, why waste my time with these counterfeit and sub-standard productions?

To me, I will pick Kumawood movies any day and anytime over Gollywood movies because the former offer great laugh for a troubled day and the latter make things worse—-they just annoy me the more.

What about you? What do you watch and why?  Kumawood Vrs Gollywood!


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6 thoughts on “KUMAWOOD Vrs GOLLYWOOD: Be The Judge & Let’s End The Debate | Which Movies Do You Watch And Why?”

  1. They are both silly, there are Yoruba movies in Nigerian but have any of us heard of YORUWOOD.Hell no coz Nigerians are proud of their tribes.smh

  2. Well, I got it wrong this time. I expected a whole lotta people to get emotional as usual – chose kumawood( I hope I’m correct)- because it uses ”twi” and the other westernizes everything. Or isn’t that what they all say?

  3. none, gollywood, they pretend too much. acting is Soo fake and forced wif their fake accents. and kumawood, they fool too much, story line is always aba witchcraft and they talk too much


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