HAVE YOU HEARD: T.B Joshua Predicts ‘Terrorist’ Attack On 2 West-African Countries

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T.B Joshua

And how do we prevent this? I hope no one is going to suggest PRAYERS…

According to PeaceFm;

In the wake of a security alert issued by the British government to its citizens in Ghana of a possible terrorist attack due to Ghana’s involvement in a military operation in Mali, the General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has predicted a terrorist attack on two West-African countries.

During the Sunday 29th September, 2013, church service, Prophet T. B. Joshua made a passionate call to his congregation to fast and pray against a plot by terrorists to wage attacks in two West African countries.

He however failed to disclose the names of these two countries in the sub-region.

According the Senior Prophet “…you should join me and fast on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Not that I don’t know these two countries. God has shown me these two countries but i’m not here to mention any country but it is (Legislative) Assembly this time they are targeting…so two countries in West Africa. We pray fervently that God would cancel their plans”

T. B Joshua further disclosed that the attack was supposed to have taken place over the last week and was therefore grateful to God that nothing of the sort happened in the West-African sub-region, in that time frame.

“…I woke up this morning and said thank you Jesus. People never knew why thank you, thank you, Jesus. Because one is supposed to happen before the end of this (week) but the week is over now. So you would have learnt that another one just like what happened in Kenya happened in West-Africa”.

“…after prayer, prayer, God said, tell your people I said Monday, Tuesday and Friday, they should pray. That, they should observe these three days with prayer,” he revealed to church members in Lagos, Nigeria.

This prophecy comes on the heels of an attack by Al-Shabbab, an Islamic militant group based in Somalia on the Westgate Shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, which lead to the death of over 90 people, two weeks ago.

The attack in Kenya ignited a debate on the capabilities of the security apparatus in Ghana and the nation’s preparedness for any attack of such nature.

Despite the government’s assurance of its readiness for any eventualities, T. B. Joshua’s prediction is sure to generate public interest for the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the man of God has called for the re-enforcing of security, in and around state institutes such as the Legislature across West-Africa because, according to him, they are the targets of an imminent terrorist attacks.


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  1. Hmm this is getting scary. It might be true because just the day before the british announcement came I had a dream there was a plane crash due to terrorism near kotoka. Or something along the lines of that :/

  2. This man is a JOKE..He wait till something of sorts happens before he predict, it like looking at the weather and saying it gonna rain today and if in case it did not rain,he will come out to say cos of the prayers….

    There are many innocent people who will fall for his tricks…

  3. The more u talk about these terrorists the more power they think they have and why the hell did Ghana get involved with Mali anyway? Smh just putting your own people in danger. Ghana is not USA or UK, stop following white people and getting involved with other countries problems and tbh there hasn’t been any threats to Ghana so this man can go suck his grandmothers bentwa

  4. Hahahaha…here we go again. In as much as i’d rather this men of God let us be, I’ll not spite them(its not my place to). But honestly; even if they prophesied ages b4 the kenyan tragedy. You all would still run the same lines or even conjure some conspiracy theory on the wake of manifestation.

  5. T.B Joshua you are a JOKE. If you have the power to see then help Nigeria’s security to arrest Boko Haram. You can see other countries attack coming but you can’t see Nigeria’s attack coming just days ago. Funny man!!!!!!!!!!!!!