WE HAVE TO ASK: Nadia Buari And Jim Iyke Plan December Wedding?

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Jim Iyke is taking his new Holy Ghost status very seriously.

Although he insists he wasn’t delivered of witchcraft, he accepts that he has experienced a truly higher level of living and has started signing of tweets with ‘Bless you’

This means we will probably not be hearing of any bad deeds from his end any more be it duping people of cash or emotions. Lol!

I am solidly behind him chanting halleluiah!

He and his lady love Nadia are planning to tie the knot in December according to popular gossip.

The star, who was delivered recently at the Synagogue Church of All Nations by Prophet TB Joshua, has been rumoured to be relieved of all demons that were stopping him from marrying his exes and so he is off his days of playing the fool and is very ready to man up to the task of being a husband.

If the wedding holds, the two would have made an interesting impact as the main celebrity power couple of our time.

I can already picture Nadia in a gorgeous wedding gown. In fact, she needs to put me on her bridal train so we can plan a breath-taking, world class befitting celebrity wedding. I hope Jim does not embarrass Nadia by going back to his legendary bad boy ways.

I think his exes should have taken him to a prophet for deliverance a long time ago. There wouldn’t be so many women broken hearted right now. Leader among whom we know is Jim’s most recent ex , Jamaican model Keturah Hamilton.

Is Jim merely acting a mental script or is he on a truly honest trip this time around for real? We are all sticking around for this journey.

All the same, GhanaCelebrities.Com wishes the couple a happy marriage in advance—that is if it will ever happen!

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7 thoughts on “WE HAVE TO ASK: Nadia Buari And Jim Iyke Plan December Wedding?”

    • @marioxkluzive, how do u mean? who is perfect without shortcomings? All that matters is realizing it n making it right, then good to go. Fools do not accept their mistakes, n die in it….but i’m glad u said the game will miss him n not the other way round. Charley, choke for somewhere wai. they shd get married, enemy go shy, peace go reign.

      • @PAT,, I wish them a happy married life if it happens. I love Jim so much, Nadia too. I dunno watta expect from the ‘new’ Jim, the ‘bad boy hit and run’ thing felt kinna good on him*winks*. Looking all churchy and holier than thou I’m sure would be kinda boring.

  1. Pls if truly Jim is been delivered, what of his wife to be, she looks like another spirit to me, if one part is pure and the other is not, the stain one will / must stain the pure one,,,,,so NB needs her own clean-up…………….I love to see them as husband and wife.


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