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Yvonne Nelson2

Here we go with another photo that can speak for it self, and this time it is Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson…

Yvonne Nelson2

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        1. @B.B, which part, the North or south, east or west? Bua ahahahahahahahaha…all of them are quater,-biracial wanna-be’s…it’s a natural gift, if ain’t gart it, take a nap! Has she finish eating all the osu Kenkey b4 she’s claiming quarter..quarter, how pathetic. Quarter-Quarter Brazilians will not let Ghanaians rest oo. Quarter-Quarter be’s!! @ #$$$$$=NEVER!

          1. @PAT,, you are so right.As if Ghana hasnt got enough halfcast actors.Now yvonne nelson also wants to jump on tha ‘halfcaste ” wagon.

          2. @richard, Ghana is too hot, why?! I’m taking the next available flight back to Brazil after i’ve finish the charity donation.don’t want my Obroni skin to burn. Giving away free Brazilian hairs to all female Ghanaians 2moro @ Dansuman, inside quarter-quater brazilian boutique 8am prompt till mama calls u. if are not in GH, is free shipping just contact me on 0243 3333 0000 3333. wait, is it the ryt number? guess not…they never told me GH is this hot- O! my brazilian skin is burning, FBI help!  [It’s high tym we sacked all these refugees frm our C’try] Ebeyi! I just signed affidavit for change of name…PAT to Quarter-quater Brazilian… M3ni bako dang? she shd befriend my twin halfcast coursins…they want to be black..exchange is not robbery…

      1. @Bee, Brahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha, tooo much brazilian, wig, getting into her head… mfoa, Frm GA and Fante to Brazilian…is that y she’s bleaching?????? Go sit down Female M.J, change ur color n believe it.


    1. @B.B, I wonder wat ur ugly self look like. usually ugly a.ss people do wat u r doing. appreciate God’s work. cos we all know u r fat BB

        1. @Jeanie, Just say it…Anorexia nervousa…she’s quarter brazilian so guess she will lead the black stars to the world cup in Brazil next yr..

    1. @naLie, Awo! say that again. M.J female resurrection will soon set in. If wanna see the real her, check princess tyra n see the diff in color. 

      1. @PAT,,Yes i’ve seen her couple of times i like her a lot but with the bleaching is a fact. She bleached. lol that doesn’t really stop me from liking her truth must be told.

        1. @Jeanie, lol used to like her not anymore…nt coz of the bleach bt P.reasons…the only time she’s impressed me was wen actress Kate henshaw spoke shabada [Nonsense] abt GH actresses n she smashed it back on her face…all the same, we’re still movin on… this blog feels dull n boring…Adios.