Where Are All The GC Readers? Tell Us What You Know About Sandra Ankobiah!


Last week, a well connected industry person called me to find out why my blog-GhanaCelebrities.Com hardly or never publishes anything on Sandra Ankobiah, Entertainment enthusiast/personality with enough ’smart’  brains…I am sure this has been talked about somewhere and that is why someone was blowing my phone about it.

Though I told the person I hardly pay attention to Sandra Ankobiah’s movements/lifestyle, the truth is that; I like her a lot (I think she is smart) and as such, I see no point in paying attention to her bad or excellent deeds—she is already on a good road map in life.

This makes me wonder how she even got involved with chicken head-Yvonne Nelson in the first place…

I had a chat with Sandra some years back (before her Fashion101 TV Show) and from that conversation, I concluded she is a smart young woman with love for fame—not a bad thing though!

I think I told her she can do a lot in Entertainment but I do not see Fashion101 surviving or fetching her any great highlight—especially when she was going to talk about the same celebrities she was hanging out with.

I remember telling her that, she can’t be firm and say things as they are when her TV Show kicks off (if she did, her celebrity friends will get upset with her, ending their friendships). And if she couldn’t say the obvious, viewers will notice it and the show will lose its ratings…

I am not sure what has happened to Fashion101 today but I think the above happened!

Anyway, since I’ve decided to add Sandra Ankobiah to our list of industry persons we feature on here on regular basis, I would love to know what you guys know about her—-bring out all the hidden tapes and play them out here.

Do not tell me about her and Asamoah Gyan, I know that already and that is pretty much old! And I can see she has some LV bags too—what did I expect when her best friend was a seller?

Check out some interesting shots of Sandra Ankobiah…What do you think?











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21 thoughts on “Where Are All The GC Readers? Tell Us What You Know About Sandra Ankobiah!”

  1. Do you even have to ask? She is just one of the many Ghanaian girls on TV selling themselves to big men cheaply for cash. ANother slu.t in the making

    • @James, well said, dear. And then they begin to compare who got a brand new car n a second hand car frm a so-called big men bcoz those men hv got the world bank situated in their bedrooms, ryt? how much do they charge per a movie, one GH cedi? coz i don’t get why they don’t invest n rather choose to climb faster than necessary by Using stardom as a tool to practice Ashawo-mechanization! Ebeyi! Won shwe won huyie ooo GH celebrities! Life is not all about today, yooo.

  2. hahahaha…which Blogger are you Chris?really Change your Profession! We Need News not nonsense…wo care about this nonsense???miserable

    • @queense, Another hater out there FOO.L. She is nonsense yet you have spent time commenting on her. What is your problem FO.OL?

      As usual, I am sure GC has published over 10 articles/news today and have you commented on any of them? But you have found this one to comment. ABOA BA like you get off to somewhere and leave Sandra alone

      • @Cindy P, If it is not news why comment? why don’t you go and read the other articles and comment? is it force? must Chris write what you want or what he wants?

  3. I wonder why Chris is always on Yvonne Nelson. Are u in love with her or something? I wish I could see the face of the girl who warms your bed. She might not even come anywhere near Yvonne, Or she has ever turned you down? Pls give her some respect cos all your favourite celebrities dont match her beauty and achievement. You are not even handsome after all.

  4. Well from what i know she just achieved her goals, now a lawyer which is a great step… As of now i can’t tell much because she isn’t that popular on the screen.

  5. @Cindy P,I spent time commenting THE ARTIKEL(not her) because I don´t like anymore to coming here for News and read THE SAME NONSENSE…out now I am out…time is precious to spenting it for nonsense

    • @queense, And who gives a F.U.CK if you come here or not? Did anyone force you to come here or read this? You are the nonsense on here

      Do not come here again because no one cares if you come here or not. Bytch

        • @Honesty, hehehehehehehehehehehe say that again! it could be sandra herself, u’ll never know. I need news on Ekcow Smith and Franchesca Gray, where are they?

  6. first of all Chris, yn is above you and you can never have her. so please shut up and manage your kobo whores like christabel ekeh. as for sandra ankobia, she is a two faced bitch. a backstabbing friend and a social climber.
    She should park somewhere.

  7. dis gal is obviously a fame whore…she used Yvonne Nelson n now she’s trying to use Yvonne Okoro…how pathetic is dat? Apparently being on tv is d best way u can sell urself to these big men out der…get a high cars and fly business class around the world! Vanity…all is vanity! she has a banging body but her face is awfully broad…n her jaws…well nvm! She shd focus on her law…she can strive in dat area n be famous. but if u want to be a good lawyer n taken seriously…u have to cut down on d bikini pics and flaunting of ur navel piercing…#jxsaying

    • @Maame, Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh, i just got choked frm reading ur comment coz i’m taking my dinner… u almost killed me..Ayi


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