Where Are The Ghanaian Celebrities? Jay-Z Takes The Train In London To His Own Concert!


Catching up with Ghanaian Celebrities in London can be difficult as most of them have the mind-set that they are too big to take the train, which is patronized by millions—including the top celebrities.

Since most of these Ghanaian Celebrities do not live in London and have no means of transport except to rely on friends for pick up and drop off, holding a meeting with them can be crazy.

You constantly hear, “I am not sure about the time since I need to confirm with my friend who will drive me there if he/she can make it”.

And when you suggest to them; take the train, their voices mostly go dead, followed by—NO, I will find another way!

All they seem to want to say is that they are too BIG for the train and since they cannot or do not want to pay for the expensive London black cabs, you have to keep changing dates and time…

Taking the train/tube in London is not only convenient but also the quickest way to get around—-and top celebrities do it too.

Jay-Z shocked commuters and caused a stir on Saturday when he arrived at the Waterloo Train Station in London and hopped on the tube to O2 Arena for his sold-out “Magna Carta Holy Grail” tour.  He was accompanied by big guys like Chris Martin, Timbaland, good friends Ty Ty and Atlanta Records executive Michael Kyser.

Immediately he got off the train, twitter exploded with messages like:

Coming off the tube and I see Jay Z casually walking up the next escalator next to me… EVERYONE GOES NUTS!! WTF??!

So jay Z gets on a tube to his own concert LOOOL about 500 ppl just ran after him

I hope our Ghanaian Celebrities will note that, it is not degrading or a taint on their celebrity status if them jump on the train in London—especially when they are not ready to pay for a black cab.

I remember, I was able to convince Fred Nuamah and Captain Planet of 4×4 fame somewhere last year for us to leave the car behind and jump on the train—-and they enjoyed the ride. We also got to our destination far easier and quicker.

The lesson is; Jay-Z will probably prefer to get to his concert on time by train instead of getting stuck in a traffic with a car and be late—-but I am sure our Ghanaian Celebrities will prefer the latter…

I can’t imagine a Ghanaian artiste jumping on a train to his own sold out concert! You dare even suggest that to him or her…





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