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Juliet Ibrahim

Ghanaian born Lebanese Actress, Juliet Ibrahim, is calling on corporate Ghana and other investors to support the Ghana movie industry as she takes a great step into movie production.

Ahead the premiere of the actress’ first self produced movie – ‘The Number One Fan’ scheduled for October 25 at the National Theatre, Juliet has spoken about the difficulty and frustrations she went through in her quest to secure sponsorship for the movie.

According to Juliet Ibrahim, The Number One Fan is a story she came up with through experience.

“Being a celebrity I have everybody who just run into me and go like, I’m your number one fan. I get to hear that a lot and I sat down one day to think that okay, who is really the number one fan because some will say it and if you don’t respond to them or you don’t take them serious, they get angry and start insulting you. That means you are not a true fan so who is really a true fan? That was the whole motive behind the story” the actress said…

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  1. Juliet, did you say “Being a celebrity I have everybody who just run into me and go like, I’m your number one fan”. EVERYBODY? In your dreams!! You are one of the worse actors in Ghana. Off course investors are not going to rush to support your movie. We have all seen your terrible acting even when you are beind directed by Professional Directors and Producers and your performance are poor. How much alone YOU directing somebody? LOL

    1. @Bee, I agree with u. She sounds like a robot in movies. she is just a popular actress probably because she is a goodlooking halfcaste lady.( i doubt she is really halfcaste tho)