OBS: This Is Why You Feel Fresh In The Morning-Scientists Say The Brain Flushes Itself Of Toxic Waste While You Are Asleep

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I thought Science knew this already but while driving today, BBC radio 4 kept talking about a scientific breakthrough—and that is, scientists have finally discovered why we need to spend so much time sleeping….It helps clear the mind of the day’s chemical clutter.

According to the published research, while our body is at rest, the brain is hard at work removing toxins produced during our waking hours.

The researchers conclude the clean-up process is so energy intensive, it would hinder our thinking if done when we are awake – hence the need to sleep.

‘This study shows that the brain has different functional states when asleep and when awake,’ said lead researcher Dr Maiken Nedergaard, from the University of Rochester Medical Centre (URMC), in New York….

And guess I need some more sleep to clear off my toxic mind—full of gossip!

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