MORE PHOTOS From Leila Djansi’s ‘The Northern Affair’ Set

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Joselyn Dumas1

We thought Leila Djansi said she will NEVER work in Ghana but there is always a chance for change of heart—and probably that is what Leila Djansi has done…

After a mini self imposed  hiatus from working in Ghana, Director-Leila Djansi is behind the camera once again and this time she is pressing the buttons of Joselyn Dumas, John Dumelo, Jon Germain and others in a movieThe Northern Affair.

The story of ‘The Northern Affair’ revolves around Esaba (being played by Joselyn Dumas) who is trying to get out of an abusive marriage to millionaire husband Marc (Jon Germain)…

Check out the photos below from the set…

Joselyn Dumas3

Joselyn Dumas4

Joselyn Dumas5

Joselyn Dumas1

Joselyn Dumas2

Jon Germain1

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  1. GC stop complaining, she is a lady who speaks her mind besides she is a controversial lady in a conventional way of commenting on and analysing issues.

    And as far as I remember Leila said: That her father was buried in Ghana. It is her home, it takes more than this to steer me away from my mission. When God says Leila stop, then she will. Until then, I am not perturbed one bit. Let the media dissect, circumvent, paraphrase, hype, heighten, start a new war of the worlds. Glad we can help. Bring on the online abuse. You only make me stronger what does not break you, makes you stronger

    Peace out