DO YOU KNOW THAT: Diego Maradona Has Been Served With €39 Million Tax Bill In Italy?

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Diego Maradona

Though tax agents have confiscated £3,700 diamond earrings and two Rolex watches worth £9,000 from Diego Maradona during his previous visits to Italy, this has not been enough for them—and they are back on his case…

Once again, Diego Maradona has been notified by Italy’s tax collection agency that it will begin procedures to freeze his assets in Italy to pay off a tax debt of €39m (£33m). And this was slapped on him when he returned to the country for the launch of the DVD about his life in Milan.

Yesterday, Equitalia confirmed this, saying its agents had served Maradona with the notification in his Milan hotel room and that he signed the documentation.

Maradona’s Italian debts stem from alleged unpaid taxes during the time he played for Napoli from 1984-91, when he helped the club win its two Serie A titles.

Probably, Berlusconi owes more than this in tax—and yet no one will go after him…