Sarkodie Surely Loves Media Censorship Or Control, He Says The Media Is Killing Artistes….

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Like all celebrities, talented Ghanaian rapper-Sarkodie (Michael Owusu Addo)  is not happy about the way and manner the media handles stories about him and his co-stars…

Certainly, there is no place on earth where public figures get on well with the media—simply because they like to hide their bad deeds and the media loves to expose these same deeds.

In an interview with YFM on Saturday, Sarkodie mentioned that the Ghanaian media must do more to support the various artistes and help grow the Entertainment Industry, instead of pulling the artistes down.

Sarkodie added that; ‘’It has to do more with the media. The media has to communicate to the artiste before letting any information out to the fans. If there are more good stories of an artiste, it should be 24/7 everywhere on radio and television…..Samini is doing this, Funny Face is that, then it generates that love in the people’’

He continued by saying “People don’t hear stuff from people unless maybe they release a song but when there should be a bad news now, it would be everywhere. But we (Artistes) have good things we are doing of which attention should be given to’’

It looks like Sarkodie will love to pull the plug on what should be reported and what should not—but sadly, it does not work that way in the world of entertainment…

The good gets reported (sometimes ignored) and bad is equally given the attention it deserves! You cannot have your way….

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