A SPIT IN THE FACE: Christabel Ekeh Says Her Facebook Account Was Hacked & The Hacker Used The Account To INSULT Juliet Ibrahim

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Christabel Ekeh (26)


Few days ago, GhanaCelebrities.Com published an article on Juliet Ibrahim titled; People Don’t Want To Invest In Ghanaian Movies – Juliet Ibrahim which received a horrible comment from actress-Christabel Ekeh’s facebook account (If you did not see the comment, here it i)

Christabel and Juliet

It seems the comment is building undesirable tension between Juliet Ibrahim and Christabel Ekeh. According to Christabel, she did not personally write that nasty comment. Explaining in a statement, she said; someone hacked her facebook account and used it to disrespect Juliet Ibrahim…

As to whether Juliet Ibrahim will believe this, we cannot tell…All the same, read Christabel Ekeh’s statement below…


Read the statement below:

First things first, I will like to state categorically on this platform that I do not have any ill-feelings against  Juliet Ibrahim or any of my work colleagues what so ever. I will therefore disassociate myself from  this character who used my identity on facebook to speak ill of  my colleague. I will also state that whatever this character wrote  was wrong, improper and crude . I am not here to offer a lengthy explanation. The long and short of this is that my official  facebook page was hacked into.

And as implausible as this may sound it is exactly what happened. So whoever mischievously hacked into my account to disrespect my colleague you have failed in your bid to create animosity or rift between us.  I don’t believe in tarnishing or defaming anybody just to be popular . No, that is not the kind of person I am.

Since this was the same platform the hacker used to undermine me and my colleague. Please afford me ,  same to tell the hacker and other detractors that their  plans have failed. To all those unscrupulous people who  grab at every opportunity to defame people, hardworking folks for that matter , your deeds will surely catch up with you. Lately, another predicament of mine and I know  many personalities  will agree with me is the sudden and steady  take over of these same deviants on social networking sites using faces of personalities and public figures to exploit innocent people. Some of whom are our most treasured  fans. I  want to urge all who come into contact with such  questionable characters  to use the requisite means to report them  on such social platforms  or the police if possible.

Lastly, I will use this opportunity and this same platform to advise fellow actors and actresses  to be circumspect  in their dealings. Also they must not in  any way try to  undermine one another  or even think of doing it  since this sends  the wrong perception to people out there. Let us maintain love and peace for one another.

Yours sincerely,

Christabel Ekeh

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