READERS’ MAIL: Big Backside & Big Front, The Ideal Woman For The Modern Day Man

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Few months ago, Chris-Vincent was at it again taking a good sweep at those he called ‘new sets of young black women’ who he categorically stated are more interested in their backside than anything else…If you missed that article, CLICK HERE to read it.

Let me quote some few lines from his piece before I jump in to say it as it is;

“The new sets of black women I meet each day and find around me are extensively different from those promising and witty ones I saw growing up.

Apart from God, this new black women believe in nothing more than their weaves and backsides. They discuss none of the things I mentioned above and a few find such things interesting.”

He ended his article with “Probably I just need to let go my ego and accept that; indeed the new young black women’s worth is in their weaves and backsides….Nothing More!”

As much as I agree the piece is interesting and somehow manages to capture the mind-set of several young women of today, I think he cunningly ignored the most crucial question which will bring the blame to bear on MEN.

Who are those buying into the big backsides and fronts of the new sets of black women?

I am a young black woman with an amazing intellect (not boasting) and a Masters degree. I am pretty simple with flat chest and backside—as most guys will describe me.

But I have several other friends who are my opposite—have not taken any keen interest in education or anything outside the world of reality TV and fashion. They wear floor sweeping weaves and artificial ‘poke my eyes’ finger nails.

What we must note here is that, anytime we step out of the house—they get all the attention and are literally chased around by men.

Even if they cannot put sentences together correctly in English and know nothing out of the TV world, their big backsides and fronts gets them all the undeserving attention—men follow them all around. I am not being jealous, just saying the truth…

What I want to arrive at is this; as much as we think the new sets of black women are shallow with overpriced interest in weaves, big backside and fronts—today’s men are those who are buying these.

If something is in supply and there is no demand, it will eventually become a waste. But since both young and old men are obsessed with these things, the new sets of black women will continue to work on supplying them.

It sounds sad but this is the world we live in now…

From: Gladys Afia Nimako/Virginia, USA


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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  1. Vince, let me say this again, we need more of thought provoking articles like these. please get rid of the celebrity- hating ones. articles like this would earn your website a good reputation. I am telling you.