Why I DELETED My Facebook & Instagram Accounts | An Online Life Ruled By Deceit

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I have been off Facebook and Instagram for some months now after I realized most of the things I was getting jealous about were staged and deceit plated…

In fact, I think I am happier today than I was some months ago when through Facebook status and photos updates, I thought my life was one hell of a sh*t hole.

Like most people on Facebook and Instagram do, these social media platforms were my morning coffee and my late night tea—checking the platforms religiously each morning and before I sleep. And I’ve not added the number of times I sneak my way unto there while at work.

Anytime I log on, I get to see interesting updates in words and photos from friends and those I do not even know but have somehow added me—-I called them the virtual world buddies.

With time, I became jealous of most of my friends—believing they were living a dream life while I continue to starve on the beauty of life.

Friends were going on holidays, visiting places and meeting some interesting people while I continue to work my butt off—-and at the end of the month, I still had nothing to show for it.

The status updates were the real killers.  Each week, I get to read things like; my boyfriend just made my day… Having a dinner with BF….Packing to go away….He just popped the question and I said Yes…

Which single girl looking for all the above will not feel a little jealous and the pressure to re-evaluate her life each day?

What I did not realize is that, most people share ONLY their great moments on Facebook and Instagram. These moments are occasional for every person but they front it as if that is the life they live each day.

And there are those who do not only throw in their occasional great moments to come across as what it is for them everyday, they just lie so that people like me will feel bad about ourselves—I guess.

How did I get to know this? My own little sister sat next to me and did it…

We were at my cousin’s birthday party and it was heavily raining. Due to the heavy downpour, most of the people we expected did not show up. It was just 6 of us sitting in front of food prepared for over 30 people. We were as bored as hell.

And yet, my sister took photos of the food and posted on facebook while sitting right to me with the message; we are having a blast tonight, lots of food, people and fun at cousin’s birthday party.

Meanwhile, my sister was bored just like me and we had just finished discussing how boring it was to the extent that we regretted coming out.

I later realized that, like my sister most of my Facbeook and Instagram friends do this.  I got to know that one of my friends goes to shoe shops to try on some of the most gorgeous shoes and guess what. She takes photos to post on Instagram to say things like; my boyfriend just got me this, love you baby!

Pretty wicked and deceitful right?

If you are managing your life like I was doing and you have to read these super fabulous life messages from friends each morning, you will actually get depressed—without knowing most of these messages are not real as they come up.

Facebook or Instagram is an online world where people can claim to be anything they want with words and photos.

I was being deceived and I was being dead jealous about it. Today, I have all the time to focus on my life and I do not have to compare it with the lives of others—be it real or based on total deceit…


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7 thoughts on “Why I DELETED My Facebook & Instagram Accounts | An Online Life Ruled By Deceit”

  1. you’re so right! i myself left facebook about 3 years ago & have never regretted it. it’s the same old story ie: everyone will put their perfect story there but not their struggles & i felt it was too fake. & by the way, studies have shown that spending time on facebook & other social networks makes you more likely to be depressed. So i’d rather spend the time chatting with my friends in person or even via texts etc than to be always surfing facebook etc.

  2. Oh… I don’t know if that is what my friends on facebook think and do but of course I share my very happy moments as well as bad experiences too.. I think it is a fun place to say what is amusing, boring, annoying, seeking help, giving help etc. I read something interesting, I share , I even share the food I am eating or cooking sometimes, i share pics of my kids b’day, outings,etc. If people are lying about what they say, I will be shocked to know that … the bad side of facebook for me is getting addicted to it and wanting to check in there always.

  3. Yep this is hilarious coz also know ppl who do this, I do have a facebook account but hardly use it, because it really is a virtual world…it does not reflect reality in the slightest, so your feeling crap for nothing. I do like catching on it occassionally but it does seem to be addictive for some ppl. I guess if you were smart you’d know it’s not all quite real but still watching pals post there 3rd set of holiday pictures is enough to find better ways of keeping in touch with pals lol 😀


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