End Of Road For Eazzy & Keitta | The Struggling Relationship Has ENDED


Keitta & Mildred in the diary room
Keitta & Mildred in the diary room-Big Brother Africa


I am sure a certain Lawyer who represents Reggie Rockston and several Ghanaian entertainers will be saying; Chris is a wizard…

After Eazzy and Keitta’s Big Brother pull and push, I had the privilege to meet the above lawyer in London and during our discussion; I zoomed IN on Eazzy and Keitta…

I clearly remember saying, Eazzy and Keitta’s relationship will not last, and I gave the Lawyer several reasons why the relationship will hit the rock within a year or a little over a year…

The Lawyer and family friend of Rockstone looked at me in the face and said; it won’t happen. She “knows the two and they are much in love”, she said. I told her, I also understand Showbiz and I am certain the end is near….

GhanaCelebrities.Com have had suspicions that things have not been great between Eazzy and Keitta for sometime now—-based on the fact that the two have grew apart in terms of public appearances. It certainly has been a struggle!

Our suspicion seems to have been confirmed via the below tweet Eazzy sent out today. Interestingly, she quickly deleted it, hoping to make it seem like she did not say a thing—-we just hope she does not come out to talk about HACKING!

eazzy and Keitta2

Eazzy and Keitta


If it is over as we think, they should manage the break-up properly because things can get nasty. We reached out to Eazzy for a comment and we’ve heard nothing back!

What do you think?




We’ve made several calls out and we’ve learnt that; with Eazzy chasing her career, hoping to blow out BIG, Keitta pretty much fits no where—-the beginning of the little problems.

One source we spoke to said, Eazzy is all over the place—working so hard to make something for herself and this “was getting Keitta uncomfortable”, especially when your woman can be away for days without you. Who knows what she will be up to?



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7 thoughts on “End Of Road For Eazzy & Keitta | The Struggling Relationship Has ENDED”

  1. Sad tho but i think eazzy wanted keita lick her boot anytime,anyday. She is so much in love with this boy to the extent that she doesn’t causing a scene if he sees keita talking to other girls. I think the boy after bba was not allowing eazzy to control him anymore hence the break up. She should try and fix it.

  2. I knew this relationship wsnt gna last either….When I listen to interviews of Eazzy tlkn abt being together with Kietta; I go lyk, hvnt they brkn up yet. LOL, but anyways is all for the better. And IF Keitta actually gives the public this kinda reason then it really isn’t tangible cs he shld hve known wht he was gtn himself into b4 dating Eazzy or was he thinking Eazzy ws just gna be a 1 hit wonder and just limit her status in Ghana.

  3. i agree with maame. and why shouldnt he? his predictions has come true so of course he’ll be happy.
      i personally didnt think that relationship was gonna last anyway so am not surprised.

  4. You ppl just talk a lot of foolishness. Chris why are you happy? What goes around cones around. The guy cheated on the poor girl. I am not surprised he used her all along. Sad

  5. every relationship has problems. theirs won’t be the first or last. They both need to look to the best of the future and not turn this into s public display


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