Did She Really Say That? ‘My Husband Can Never Leave Me’ Says Nasara Who Is A 2nd Wife



If you do not remember who Nasara Miriam Abdul Rauf of Ghana’s Most Beautiful is, I am sure you will remember this; the Beauty Queen who allegedly stole a phone while on an official assignment some years back

Nasara who has been married a Christian and therefore currently known as Nasara Kittoe has been talking—-even as a second wife.

According to Nasara who has two boys (twins) with her husband, her man has bought her a brand new Range Rover Evoque and brand new Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. Also she has a BMW 4×4 and other elegant cars, courtesy of her rich husband…

And Nasara says; “Oh there is nothing that can make my husband leave me; nothing, nothing at all. Absolutely nothing and I know what I am talking about,” …She made this clear on Delay’s talk show over the weekend.

Still insisting she did not steal the phone that sort of made her famous, she added that; she is currently skin toning but not skin bleaching…

It is amazing how in this 21st century, a young woman with exposure like Nasara will gladly embrace being a second wife. I guess when money talks, nothing matters anymore ….

Nasara And Twins2


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22 thoughts on “Did She Really Say That? ‘My Husband Can Never Leave Me’ Says Nasara Who Is A 2nd Wife”

  1. ure late on dis news lol..yep i saw the interview n heard it loud and clear…looks like she lost a lil weight..okay no prob..well at least she has admitted to skin “something”, either bleaching or toning its d same..we can see clearly via her hands n back n face,dats not to say its a gud tin to do but den she dont care so y shld i? as for husby not leaving her well time dey say will tell…im waiting for all d juicy konkonsa dat will flow very soon and fast..hehehe “rubbing hands gleeefully”

  2. This girl has no disgrace. It seems she is all about material things and this means I think she stole that phone. Too material oriented

  3. Her kids are handsome n adorable but i think she shd have kept mute about the fleet of cars she has cuz some girl someone where has more than what shez bragging about and not just that but the first and only wife.

  4. Oooow plsssss she should take a chill pill we all know her time wasn’t here she pulled her time in front with the help of her mum she should go her front. ddon’t be fooled  she’s not even hhappy uPon all d cars mmoney and the cars she Is sTill sleeping wiTh her ex boyfrIend farova and frIends wIth hIs wIfe as well. she stole the fone  cus shes a greedy bleachIng frog. she wants eveythIng . jus recently her husband cAught her havIng sex In a car wIth my frIend n her stupId husband called the polIce wantIng to aresst the guy.she came  on tv cus she needed attentIon. even the 1st wIfe Is calm. empty barrel 

  5. does lilian know that she is still sleeping with farova?  wow! how did she snatch the kittoe guy? did she use some juju ? 

  6. she probably don’t cus If she knew I dn’t think she will be nIce wiTh hher and allow her to vIsIt her In the house. yes she used juju according to her frIend she use to liVe wIth . ff the mans wIfe on Instagram mIssg_92 a very bbeautiful woman who Is old to be her mother

    • @lilian, OMG nasara boast a lot girl I used to follow her on IG but I recently unfollow her. Haven’t seen a boastful person like this in my whole life.

    • @lilian, thanks girl….i hope she gets her day when everyone will see her true colors. all that glitters aint gold

  7. Nasara stop bragging cos da only car ur hubby bought for u is ur red one door car.where from all des imaginary cars n why dont we see it in ur house when we visit u or see u drive dem.ur hubby is not dat rich so stop deceiving urself n da public n stop foken small small boys around

    • @Big Liar, really? i thought those were all her cars cos she put pics on instagram. wow. thats not cool then. cos she even put on instagram that the cars had her name on it. hmmm, interesting. 

  8. Well las she stated in her interview .. She is a Muslim n a man marrying more than one wife is allowed.. So she being a ,Muslim she sees it normal to be a second wife.. .. She even said if her husband wants to marry more wives she is cool cos her religion accepts it…Ghanafou  pe nsem keka.. U ppl sit here a judge an individual as if u are holy.. 

  9. @Pretty Abena,thank you!! The lady is a Muslim..if she wants to be 3rd wife it’s no problem cus it is accepted in her religion. Even most of the great men in the Holy Bible weren’t monogamous.ah ghanafo)..yabr3 mo?


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