Since Being An Actress Pays NOTHING Anymore In Ghana, Yvonne Okoro Steps Into TV To Host ‘Dining With Yvonne’



For a little over two years now, being an actress is/has become a ‘sidekick’ in Ghana for all our top actors and actresses—since no great movies are being made, they are not getting hired as much.

There seems to be nothing left in being an actress/actor in Ghana and despite attempts by some of our actresses/actors to employ themselves by producing their own movies, the drop down in sales means it is totally not cost-effective.

With actresses like Ama K. Abebrse, Joselyn Dumas and others being able to keep a roof over their heads through TV Hosting/Presenting, actress-Yvonne Okoro has decided to be part of that enterprise.

As to if she has what it takes to be a TV Host—-we will have to wait to find out.

But we hear, Yvonne Okoro will soon be on our TV, hosting a show ‘Dining With Yvonne’. ‘Dining With Yvonne’ is reported to be a fine mix of a cooking and talk show and in each episode guests cook with her and afterwards talk about a topic dear to their hearts.

Would you be watching?


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14 thoughts on “Since Being An Actress Pays NOTHING Anymore In Ghana, Yvonne Okoro Steps Into TV To Host ‘Dining With Yvonne’”

  1. GC, your style of reporting is so disrespectful. when will you learn to write like normal people? oh I forgot, the head of the blog is not normal. these same actresses are the ones you want to pay you for publicity of their stuff.

    • @sister girl, what is wrong with GC style of reporting? they shouldnt say it as it is? What is wrong with what they just wrote? is that not the truth

      it is high time we Ghanaians begin to say the truth and stop deceiving ourselves. I was read GC because they will say it as it is

  2. Well, most Ghanaians may not admit this but after Ghanaian authorities made it difficult for Nigerian movie producers/directors to work in Ghana,things went down hill our movie industries.
    Most Nigeria movie producers no longer patronize Ghanaian actors, Nigerian marketers no longer distribute Ghanaian movies. Now we can all see the results. When Nigerians gang up against non-Nigerians they can be ruthless.
    I’m a Ghanaian residing in Lagos and this is just the sad truth. Many Ghanaian artistes visit Nigeria every week in order to solicit for movie roles but it never happens. BBA’s Selly even had a party in Abuja last week in order to attract Naija entertainment big boiz but it didnt work out.

    Ghana has to really look inwards.

  3. I cant even remember any movie Yvonne Okoro was featured in this year apart from her own movie contract. it seems they are all going hungry. The sugar daddies too are getting wiser because the women are getting old lol. time to work your ass off Okoro

    • @akosuaghana, Nah sugar daddies are getting wiser cos its not a good thing to throw money away these days in ghana. Money is tight therefore bishes need to get of their azzes and find a job.

  4. The movie industry is going downward because nobody is investing in it…and on top of that, they don’t have that many good producers ad stories…all industry players needs to come together and find solution to quality movies…the industry went down hill in the past, and they shouldn’t allow it to happen again…

    • @lilyy, true talk. The industry is just in a pit and instead of working to keep its head up, everyone is running away to find refuge on TV. Soon our TV will be saturated with nonsense too and it will clash like the movie industry

      • @Stacy, instead of thinking of ways to better the industry, they are all running to Nigeria and sucking their asses…and all the TV shows are all the same program they all keep doing and nothing to learn from it…that’s the problem with some Ghanaians, they can’t think outside of the box…repetitive things nkoaaa…there is enough cooking show programs out there on every TV station…they need to start looking at the bigger pix for the long run


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