‘Manipulated’, Used, Broken Hearted & Dumped | Evaluating The Eazzy & Keitta’s Relationship!

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Eazzy and Keitta


I am not going to waste my time and yours attempting to dig into the emotional loss that Eazzy (Mildred Ashong) and Keitta’s break-up might have fetched any of them. In fact, I cannot see how anyone could possibly quantify such loss.

But as many were able to easily establish who was at the gaining side and who was at the losing edge after Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries break up, I will attempt to evaluate the loss and gains of Eazzy and Keitta Osei’s relationship—under a Showbiz lens.

It is undisputed that the moment a ‘Showbiz’ celebrity decides to date a non-celebrity; the former bears a greater risk of Showbiz loss compared to gains, should things hit the rock. Even if nothing at all, the taint of bad publicity following a breakup is a sufficient loss—-probably, this is why most celebrities decide to stick to people who also have much at stake.

The Infamous Big Brother Sacrifice

It is on record that Eazzy sacrificed a whole lot including her career and status to go into last year’s Big Brother House, so Keitta who was her sweetheart then could gain some attention—-and ride on the fame to boost/shape his modelling career…

The whole Eazzy’s Big Brother enterprise can be seen to be a mini version of Jesus dying on the cross. Keitta himself made mention of the huge sacrifice Eazzy made, so he could get into the house.

I cannot up to date see any substantial benefit Eazzy thought she could have possibly gained or actually gained from the Big Brother move—except to be a sacrifice-lamb for her ‘estranged’ boyfriend.

So the Big Brother enterprise was Keitta’s gain and Eazzy’s loss!

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Do not forget that the live TV banging or ‘under the sheet make up’ also goes against Eazzy (first as an African woman and secondly as a celebrity) than Keitta who had nothing to loss and as a man…

Publicity After Big Brother

Even though Keitta stayed longer in the Big Brother House than Eazzy and came out of the house with a bit of popularity, there is no way his level of stardom at the time and even now can be compared to that of Eazzy, a hard working recording artiste…

After Big Brother, Keitta continued to tag along and appeared alongside Eazzy at several events—-stealing much of Eazzy’s attention to add to the little he had obtained through her sacrifice.

Surely, if I spotted Eazzy and Keitta standing apart and I had a single shot left in my camera, I will go for Eazzy. Meaning, if the two were on a red-carpet together and the cameras are zooming in on them, it would be Eazzy in focus—a shine that Keitta so much enjoyed by being Mildred’s boyfriend.

I do not think Keitta gave any sort of shine or publicity to Eazzy post Big Brother. But I know you will all agree with me that, Eazzy brought so much attention and publicity to Keitta—-if this was to be paid for, it would be racking in millions…

In the nutshell, the Showbiz publicity gains that the relationship brought was more on the side of Keitta. Eazzy definitely enjoyed some but not as much as Keitta obtained by being with her.

This is another gain for Keitta…And a loss for Eazzy!

And The Aftermath…

Eazzy is more like a brand ambassador for Reggie Rockstone’s night life ‘joint’ and I am told she willingly (out of goodwill) and her relationship with Keitta decided to help promote Rockstone’s Office…

We will all probably do the same to support an in-law’s business if we have what it takes to get the promo going…

From twitter to facebook, Eazzy promoted Rockstone’s Office as if she was a major shareholder.  She was at the place on several occasions, using her status to supplement the promo—she added her bit to bring in the attention the place so much need at the time.

She premiered her video and held other ventures at the place (she could have done this anywhere)— pulling in other celebrities and fans to the joint. Such activities give rise to profile-raising/building for any business. And Eazzy did it all for FREE—-I am told!

I am not sure if Keitta promoted any business venture belonging to any of Eazzy’s family members. If there was, I would love to hear it!

I am sure you know where the gain sheet is going with this one too.

The Break-Up

Unconfirmed reports say apart from the lack of place Keitta had in the career of Eazzy, their relationship lost its last leg when Keitta cheated on her…Poor Mildred!

I cannot see how Eazzy will be able to pull any Showbiz gain from this break-up.

Keitta will not also be able to derive any foreseeable benefit from the breakup as long as Showbiz is concerned. But one thing is clear, Eazzy’s showbiz’s interest will suffer more than that of Keitta…

Since we are looking for gain and loss, let’s pull in the weird logic of the person who suffers more is at loss and the one who suffers less fetches the gain…

Riding on the above premise, it is once again Keitta’s gain and Eazzy’s loss…

All the same, I wish them well! It is always late when you have to say ‘ I told you so’.

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Surely, I do acknowledge that Eazzy may have gain enormously from her relationship with Keitta in other areas—out of Showbiz coverage area.  But as I mentioned earlier, this piece elides this…

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. Her heart is pure.and am sure she loved him. thats why no matter tje issues she still stands tall.shes doing good. The rockstones will have their own .keitta is stupid 

    1. @jeff, Yes there is, Keitta actually cheated with Tinny’s 19 year old ex-girlfriend. I feel so sorry for hardworking Eazzy. The girl tries so hard…

  2. This is the first time I have see Chris put the blame on the table of the man! But it is sad Eazzy has gone through all these only to be cheated on! Hmmmm

  3. Ah but she was the one who dumped him!it serves him right And that was a right move.keitta will loose too many fans and respect after this
    I respect eazzybaby more.

  4. Kmt.i always knew this guy was fake. But eazzy too cheating is everywhere. She shouldnt have lefr him or he left her.which ever process.every woman hates a cheater so move on girl.there are many jelly fish in the sea 

  5. And so what?mark it somewhere these two love couple will come back .am waiting for my wedding invitation. This us double k from santa maria

  6. Chris the liar.am waiting for eazzy to come and say her twitter  was hacked like yvonne nelson and the rest.what if this is all not true. I dont believe they have broken up. But if its true then its unbelievable.i think they will reconcile. may be she will forgive him .but keita too why?

  7. Is sad how same men are, some women will do anything for their men because they want to build a feature with them.. but I don’t know how same men think that when you love them it means the are you a fools or we can’t live without them. know this men after you have cheated and the women desade to stay is because they love you is not that they can’t find anyone better than you. Someone is already at here door if you do know (men). So Men grow up .

  8. I wish I cld write twi on dis. Kaaiii hahaha . Oo asem paa o. If its true then Keitta too y? Well I dis coming anyways. Eazzy take heart waii. U tried 4 him

  9. These Rockstones and their manipulation of people to make money. I am not surprised at all. Eazzy too you should have wised up after Big Brother. We saw it coming you were used and to be cheated on too. Chaaaai. Sorry ok?

  10. I find it hard to believe each time l hear you guys say that keitta is a model. When he smiles he looks like like someone has put something up his a.s.s.Model my foot!!!

  11. HEHEHE! Here it for us all! Men will always be men but if you are stu.pid to follow a man with no job, you will end up this way. The moment the other chick with more cash or swagg than you shows up, he will go after her.

    If a man is not responsible to even hold a job, do you think he will be responsible about your heart and feeling?