That Must Hurt! Keitta Spotted Cuddling The Girl She Dumped Eazzy For…In A Club!

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Keitta and new girl1
Keitta and Arisa

Few days ago, it emerged that Keitta pulled the plug on Eazzy because of a certain young fair girl-Arisa, who happens to be rapper-Tinny’s ex-girlfriend.

We are told Eazzy has denied the fact that she was dumped by Keitta because he met this new girl who he has fallen in love with, at the time he has fallen out of Eazzy’s love…

We didn’t think Keitta will step into a project that Tinny has walked through several years—especially when he has the full scoop.

But a GhanaCelebrities.Com reader with username-Lin sent in the above photo with the message;


Hello GC Team,

This is just a quick one.  Apparently, Keitta was spotted in a club yesterday cuddling with the girl she dumped Eazzy for—-and it is the same girl who dated rapper-Tinny.

I just thought I should let you guys know.

Tinny and Girl
Rapper Tinny and Arisa


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  1. Men are just ungrateful.after all we witnesses eazzy baby do for him.keitta no try at all
    Anyway move on eazzy. Leave this boy

  2. Is this not the same boy who was talking against cheating in mother was a fan because he said he was faithfull.he doesn’t have anything to do now than chase girls?i think he is the worse after bba rep.wa sa kraa dodo.and the girl must be an attention seeker.from tinny to Keitta?is that not a downstroke?

  3. So he was really cheating.because this is too quick.well you can’t pretend for long.true colors and attitude always comes out. I am disappointed . He could have way better than this.