Update On Victoria Hammah’s Recording & Sacking…Cousin Driver Confesses That He Was Contracted By Rachel Appoh

Victoria Hamma and Rachel Appoh
Victoria Hamma and Rachel Appoh

Though recording someone without the person’s consent is extensively wicked, especially when you are a relative of the person who has huge trust for you—-it does not in itself exonerates Victoria Hammah from being immature, a true gossip and incompetent.

It has emerged that, the cousin driver who recorded the infamous Victoria Hammah’s tape- Lawrence Quayeson was contracted by the same person Victoria was gossiping about-Rachel Appoh (Deputy Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister).


According to RadioXYZ;

XYZ News has had an exclusive interview with the Cousin-Driver, Lawrence Quayeson, of sacked Deputy Communications Minister, Victoria Hammah, in which Quayeson claims he was “contracted” by Deputy Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister, Rachel Appoh, to secretly record Victoria Hammah’s conversations.

Quayeson told XYZ News’ Presidential Correspondent, Kwame Danso Acheampong on Sunday that Rachel Appoh contracted him through Victoria Hammah’s dismissed Personal Assistant, one Ayittey Basty.

According to him, Victoria Hammah “sacked” Basty a few months back.

Quayeson claimed he did all the recordings of Victoria Hammah’s private conversations on the instructions of Ayittey Basty.

“It’s Ayittey Basty who came to me and told me that I should call Rachel Appoh, yeah, Rachel Appoh, and she’ll tell me whatever I want to do, so she called me and said ‘have I seen Ayittey Basty?’ And I said ‘no’ and she said she’ll call him and talk to him…and see him to come and see me”.

Kwame Danso Acheampong: How did you know that indeed it was Rachel Appoh who contracted Ayittey to come to you?

Quayeson: It’s Ayittey who told me. Initially, he wasn’t telling me the truth so later on he told me that this is the person who is behind all this.

Kwame Danso Acheampong: And later on Rachel herself called you?

Quayeson: Yea

He alleged that Rachel Appoh promised him US$2,000 dollars and a US visa in exchange for his sleuthing services.

Quayeson, who told Kwame Danso Acheampong that he has been recording Victoria Hammah’s personal conversations for the past three months, said Ayittey Basty, who has custody of all the secret tapes, has refused to pick any of his calls since the vikileaks scandal broke.

“After the tape came out, all the conversations have ceased”, Quayeson told Kwame Danso Acheampong.

Additionally, he said he has not been given the money and visa promised him by Rachel Appoh.

Asked why he allowed himself to be contracted to betray his own cousin, a calm sounding Quayeson replied: “It’s the work of the devil…I was used…I never thought that it will go to that extent for my sister to lose her job”.

He also claimed portions of the tape being played on air by various radio stations were “doctored”.

“…The one that they are playing huh; that was doctored because my sister never said ‘I won’t risk my job with fights until I’ve made US$1 Million’…[or] Nana Oye went to see the election petition Judges”, he claimed.

Pressed further by Kwame Danso Acheampong about whether he was not confessing under duress from the Hammahs, so as to destroy Rachel Appoh’s reputation, Quayeson replied: “Master, never…Master if the Hammah’s are forcing me to say this huh, like I won’t betray my sister like that. Nobody forced me”.

Kwame Danso Acheampong: Why are you saying it now?

Quayeson: Because I never thought it will go to that extent, you understand, so when I sit down…[I ask myself] ‘what have I done?’ It’s my sister who gave me money. She’s the one who employed me. Even I’ve not been paid by the Ministry’s coffers; she’s the one who gave me money, you understand.

He claims Victoria Hammah has so many enemies who were “envious” of her position as a Deputy Minister and therefore wanted to use “any means” to get her out.

Rachel Appoh has however declined comments on the allegation when XYZ News contacted her through one of her personal Assistants.

Hammah was sacked Friday by President John Mahama following the outing of the tape on which a voice purported to be that of the former Deputy Communications Minister was heard denigrating Rachel Appoh as a “brainless, senseless, ugly, loud-mouthed, egoistic” woman who needlessly fights her boss, Nana Oye Lithur at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

The same voice was also heard saying she didn’t intend risking her job with useless fights and squabbles until she has bagged US$1 Million.


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    • @marcel, how do we know he’s telling truth…..atleast his cousin was caught on tape. What evidence does he have to show prove of the conversation that went on between him,the ayitey guy and racheal. Even if Rachel really did set this up,it’s obvious she has a reason to,considering Victorias response.


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