Actress Nana Ama Mcbrown Shaves Her Off For New Movie | And She Doesn’t Look BAD!

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Nana Ama McBrown (6)
Nana Ama McBrown

Gone are the days when African actresses were not ready to take risk and go that extra mile to fit into a character they are playing in a movie…

We’ve seen actresses like Mercy Johnson and the others having taking the bold decision to shave off their cherished hair, in an attempt to mirror a role they are playing in a movie.

Ghanaian actress Nana Ama McBrown has joined the league of African actresses who have let go their hair for a movie.

In a yet to be released movie titled “Atemmuo” (Judgment), the Ghanaian actress gladly shaved off her hair so that she could look real for the role.

Nana Ama McBrown is reported to have said “ I wanted to make the movie look real so I shaved all my hair. It was my first time of going completely bald in a movie and I have not regretted at all because ultimately the movie turned out exactly how I wanted and I know when people watch it they would understand why I did it”.

As to whether the money she was paid was worth shaving off her cherished hair, she said, “Yes, the money was very good but I did not shave for the money. I shaved my hair because I wanted the film to be as real as possible. I wouldn’t mind going bald again if the storyline and the money involved are good”

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    1. @maame ama, nana pls stop wasting ur hair on those local nansins u call movies,u shld be doing dis for movies in hollywood or even nollywood which has a larger audience worldwide.ur a great actress,is a pity ur still doing kumasi movies whiles those not sp gr8 ones r all ova in nigerian movies..wake up!

  1. I was thinking it is a bald head she is wearing because the head looks like an alien. Which makes me think she is wearing a cap. but I don’t think she will publicize it so much if it’s fake. so I guess it might be real. anyway, she looks much better than others who have gone bald