MORE THAN A JOKE: Kwaku Bomsam Ends His 3 Years Relationship With UK Based Lover-Gertrude

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Kwaku Bonsam and girlfriend

First of all, did anyone even buy into the idea that such a relationship existed when the story of Nana Kwaku Bonsam and her so called UK Based Ghanaian lover-Gertrude came out?

If the initial story did not get you laughing or confused, I am sure the below will—especially the part that they nearly went to the alter in 2011 and Gertrude’s alleged treat to Kwaku Bonsam to marry her or forget the relationship…


According to NewsOne;

The much publicized love relationship between sensational fetish priest, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, a pretty-faced London-based Ghanaian-Gertrude has come to an end, News-One has gathered.

Bomsam and Gertrude dated for some three years. They almost went to the altar in October 2011 but Bonsam postponed the marriage ceremony, citing spiritual reason.

In 2012, she gave him the option to either taker her to the altar to seal their relationship or forever hold his peace. Though the reason for their recent breakup is yet to be made public, News-One has heard it was because Bonsam continued to delay the marriage ceremony and Gertrude could not wait any further.

Gertrude, also known as Trudie, News-One gathered, is an Ashanti who was born in Ghana but grew up in London and has lived there her entire life.

In 2011 when her love relationship with the fetish priest was in full swing, she flew to Ghana just to be with him and News-One succeeded in having an exclusive chitchat with her at Bonsam’s Sparpeiman shrine in Accra.

“Well it is a matter of love and understanding. I am very impressed at what he is doing and since we understand each other and have fallen in love, getting married should not a problem…. That is why I came down to see things for myself and I am proud to tell you that yes I shall get married to Kwaku Bonsam soon,” she told News-One in a flawless London accent.

But things do not seem to have gone according to her wish.

She sounded very learned, intelligent, humble and had the type of physical beauty uncommon among the wives of fetish priest.

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