DO YOU KNOW THAT: Just 1 Hour Of Intensive Exercise Is The Same As 50 Hours Of Walking?

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If you are looking to really exercise or loose weight, then it is time to ditch the walking and get busy and sweaty with intensive exercises.

Many of us consider walking as our exercise and a step toward losing some weight-but a new research suggests it isn’t enough to improve health.

According to the research, one hour of intensive workout provides the same fitness benefits as 50 hours of walking and that an hour of high-intensity exercise which is defined as that which pushes the heart rate up to 75 per cent of its maximum capacity or more – results in the same amount of fat loss as two hours of moderate-intensity exercise.

The research by Flinders University in Adelaide, and the University of South Australia came to the above finding by measuring the health benefits gained from every minute of vigorous activity compared to the same time spent doing moderate-intensity exercise by studying 620 adults who completed a six-week exercise programme…

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