SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD: Weather Presenter Strips Off On TV To Fulfil A Bet She Lost!

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Tillier weather forecast


There are some few honest people left in the world and surely  French TV star-Doria Tillier, 27,  is one of the few.  Betting on football, French TV star Doria Tillier said she would present the weather in the n*de if her country qualified for the World Cup.

And when France managed to win win 3-0 against Ukraine, sealing their place at the finals in Brazil, Doria decided to keep to her words by presenting the weather forecast all stripped off…

Taking her defeat with Gallic humour, Doria performed the broadcast stunt in the village of Poil—by reading the forecast loud while running around in the field—and her antics were filmed at a safe enough distance to get past the censors.

Check out the video below…


Doria Tillier