Joselyn Dumas Takes Up A CHALLENGE | Inspires Female Students At Ghana Institute of Journalism

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Despite the fact that actress/TV personality-Joselyn Dumas’ highest level of education is secondary school, she has successfully taught herself quite a lot and has achieved much for herself within a short period of time—more like a female version of award winning Ghanaian journalist-Kwaku Baako…

It is therefore inspirational to see her mentor young students—-an indication that these students can achieve even more if they work harder…


According to a press release;

Talented TV host and celebrated Ghanaian actress, Joselyn Dumas was last Thursday invited by female students of Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) to share her experiences with them, being an accomplished woman.

Joselyn Dumas, a consummate TV personality mentored the young students of the Yaa Asantewaa Hall of GIJ as part of a semester programme dubbed, “The Brainy Beauty Encounter.”

The programme was geared towards the empowerment of women and their ability to manage and sustain any field of achievement.

The renowned and talented Vasiat 1 host was invited alongside Mrs. Rhodaline Amartey, the head of public relations department of GIJ, who also mentored the female students.

It was the first time a programme of such nature was held on campus and according to the students they were privileged to have Joselyn to speak to them.

She urged the young ladies to strive for higher ambitions and stay focus in their various positive courses they have chosen in life.

She advised the students to be resourceful and study hard to attain their goals and ambitions. She further touched on enmity between women and cautioned that they should support each other.

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15 thoughts on “Joselyn Dumas Takes Up A CHALLENGE | Inspires Female Students At Ghana Institute of Journalism”

  1. FYI @ ghanacelebrities Jocelyn has a degree and still pursues professional short courses in media anytime she travels abroad. Don’t say what you don’t know please get your facts right, instead of you to commend the girl here you are talking smack about her.. Smh!

  2. @Leslie, Joselyn has a degree in WHAT and from WHAT university? Did you say she take short courses anytime she travels to where? Don’t get some of us started. What sort of lies are you trying to tell us?

    Let us know the names. Some of us know how she got on being on TV

    • @jay, if the only reason why you think she should go back to school is because “it doesn’t fit her koraa”, then I think the only one who shd go back to school here is you cos school is NOT symbol of status & shouldn’t be the PRIMARY reason why someone has to get a degree.

      • @NxggaWut?, hold it right there. It only low thinking pple like u who. assume every gal is not educated. Who shld go back to sch ?For ur information,I am a political science graduate frm the university of Ghana(2009 year group) and currently pursuing MBA project management @ Gimpa.(13026454 my student’s I D).am def wey above ur advice. Maybe U need to go back to sch not me. To me ,beauty without brains is no beauty @ all. Just in case u want to see the face behind dis post u can search me on fb joycelyn Dee. Next tyme think be4 u make assumptions.

        • @jay, Ahaha omg & is that supposed to be your comeback? Then I really shouldn’t be arguing with you, you know? LOL But well,

          If you would calm down & read that comment again, you may realise that whole statement was a conditional statement. IF being the keyword! But then again, I don’t expect someone with a degree in Classics to be that obversant, so I’d give you the benefit of the doubt and properly address u.

          And also, I never said girls were uneducated. Lol but soo typical, she tryna put words in my mouth to look good. But clearly u not helping folks out there who thinks “girls are uneducated” with the way you think, even after getting a 1st degree.
          You see, people like you were the point of my comment. I thought u were going to say I’ve been able to do this, this & that with my degree but Lo & Behold, that was not to be. Talking about a 1st degree in Ahaha wat? Political Science? Lol don’t get me started. & oh yeah, you might wanna concentrate on that PG degree cos you would need it in an emergent world like ours.
          & to think she thought she doesn’t need to go back to school?… or to put it in your words, “WEY above my advice?” is honestly very sad.
          Umm excuse me!? Ahah soo you tryna tell me cos Joselyn allegedly don’t got a degree so she automatically fits in the “beauty without brains” category? WHAT??? Nxgga Wut? Lmaoo omg smh.. I thought as much, reason why she’s mentoring females at GIJ right?. I wonder what firm will hire a human with such thought-process cos I wouldn’t.

          And Ion even need to check you out on Facebook cos you acc failed the “Brains” part.

          PS: I don’t even need to boast bout what I’ve done, what I’m doing and what not to you cos obvi, you don’t got none.☺☺

  3. in the U.K. and the U.S.A , you  don’t necessary need a degree or a diploma to have a television, Journalism or a Media Career. as long as you are able to read and write, prepared to work hard and learn then the world is your oyster

  4. who cares about her level of education?? This girl dont have high level of education but she work very hard to achieve where she is today. I know ppl that have their Masters and still struggle to get a job.


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