President John Mahama Says Stop Ranting On Radio And Help Me Fix Ghana

John Mahama

The president of Ghana-John Dramani Mahama has asked Ghanaians, especially the many radio commentators to stop the daily radio rants and help fix the problems of Ghana.

Ghana’s economy is fast going down the ditch with its citizens struggling to maintain a decent lifestyle. The president has come under several attacks since taking up the office for his lack of grasp on the economy and failing to honor the many campaign promises…

Even if we all have to come together to solve the problems of Ghana, we surely need a leader who will take realistic initiatives to kick start the solution finding exercise—and help better the lives of the ordinary Ghanaians…


According to RadioXYZ;

President John Mahama says his critics must join forces with him to fix Ghana rather than keep raving and ranting on radio.

“…It doesn’t pay to vent our frustration on radio talk show programmes”, the president chastised Sunday when he spoke as the Guest of honour at the 120th celebration of the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra.

“If we must to build a better and prosperous nation, all of us need to come together and act in concert,” he stressed.

According to him, “the quest to build a desirous, prosperous and better Ghana is the responsibility of all of us”.

He said despite a few challenges confronting the country, “God’s favour is still on Ghana”.

President Mahama also noted that contrary to the cynicism of some Ghanaians, “Ghana is not at a standstill”.

He pledged to offer the needed leadership to move Ghana forward.




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4 thoughts on “President John Mahama Says Stop Ranting On Radio And Help Me Fix Ghana”

  1. Can’t wait for tomorrow morning the serial callers will be ranting and raving like mad.Mr.President still boys abr3,girls ay3 wild,our chop monies have reduced,seriously it’s getting a bit frustrating.

  2. Mr. President, you want us to help you fix Ghana? How about chopping the loot and enjoying the power? you don’t need our help with that abi? Na niama!


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