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As ladies, we have a lot of secrets…Secrets we have stocked in our private chambers where men are not permitted to visit expect when we allow them in. The men are not left out in keeping things away from us too, they are more skilled and experience in keeping secrets no matter how much we have known them.

A lot of us have to spend days or worse years trying to get out some slashed away secrets from our man. Do not be dismay, we have some secrets your man may want to keep away from you, so be ready to catch them red handed the next time they try to hide things

Men Lie To Handle Situations

Do not give me that look… Read on first before you hit me. Men are notorious for telling white lies, this is no longer news for us ladies, once in a while we fall victims to these lies.  This does not mean that some of these lies are going to be harmful to us. As soon as your man is smart enough to understand what ticks you off or what makes you blow hot, he would do and say anything possible to avoid this, even if he is going to lie. If you catch him in his lies, talk things over with him.

Men Want Women To Act Like Men

Do you know that your man would want you to act like a man especially in some situations? You see your man feeling like a daredevil in some frightening situations and, you are wondering how on earth did he have such courage?  Do not be carried out for long, he only did it because you are looking up to him as a saviour. Men will want you to stand out and handle some circumstances without you looking for their help.


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